World War Z Challenge Mode Guide: Tech Support With No Defences

Your ultimate guide for getting through World War Z's Challenge Mode this week. We've covered the modifiers applied, and how they affect the chapter. We've even provided you with some tips about how to push through despite the adversities you'll face this week, like how you need to pick up more heavy weapons, and how Screamers are a particular pain in the ass if you don't manage to take them out quickly.

World War Z Challenge Mode Guide - Tech Support With No Defences

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World War Z Challenge Mode switches the chapter and modifiers every week, meaning no two weeks ever have the same specific challenge for players to battle with. This week is a particularly tough chapter, Tech Support, with some really nasty modifiers attached. It took me a few tries to complete it, but our group got through it because we were persistent, learning from our mistakes each time we died. Let’s take a look at the modifiers, and then I’ll give you some tips about each encounter.


  • Defenceless – You won’t find any defences kits or defences on the mission
  • Heavy Hitters – You’ll find many more heavy weapons than usual on the mission
  • Restless Hordes – Zombie waves will arrive twice as often

Step By Step Guide

Tech Support Encounter 1 – Search The Bodies

Search The Bodies

The starting area for this week’s chapter, Tech Support

This first stage of the chapter tasks you with searching the bodies of dead soldiers around the map before breaking through a gate into the next area. Searching the bodies isn’t particularly taxing, but you need to watch out for the mines. Setting off a mine will trigger zombies to start spawning and swarming the buildings, which is made worse by this week’s Restless Hordes modifier. Stay crouched as much as possible, pick zombies off from a distance with a silenced pistol, and disarm the mines by creeping up behind them and holding the correct button. 

At some point you’ll have the item you need from the bodies, and the zombies will start to swarm. Hold off this attack, and when they’ve thinned out you can safely place a breaching charge on the gate. Be warned, as soon as you’ve placed this it will trigger even more zombies to swarm in. The breaching charge takes about 30 seconds to go off and open the next area, so get into some space and don’t get crowded. It’s easier to keep running and move through to the next area to fight off this swarm than it is to take them all on before the charge goes off. If you group up in one area, you’ll probably die. 

This next area is an open space with yet another gate that needs opening. While the NPC you’re guarding works to open the gate, reload your weapons. You’ll want to do this every chance you get, even if a swarm is on the horizon, because it might be your last chance for a while. Usually this area has defences for you to man and set up, but the Defenceless modifier means that they’re gone. Instead you need to use the nearby sandbag fort to your advantage, firing at the hordes as much as possible to stop them building up around you. Any Screamers you see need to be killed pretty quickly, because they’ll make the whole thing much harder. 

Eventually the next gate will open, and you’ll get a prompt to run inside. Don’t stay outside to fight off the hordes, they won’t stop coming. The best thing to do is get inside and get in a position where you can fire at the zombies safely. When you’re all in, a huge swarm will try to run the gate. Fire everything you have at the zombies, this should stop too many getting through. When the gate is closed you need to kill those that entered around your fire, and move up through the next section. 

Tech Support Encounter 2 – The Tunnel

The Tunnel

The moments just before you enter the second encounter in Tech Support

Now you need to wait for your NPC to restore power and open the way forward. He’ll accidentally open two doors in the process, both of which you’ll need to rush to in order to kill all the zombies that have entered. Luckily there are fences inside each gate, so you’ve got a good chance of killing off all the zombies. Soon after the second gate closes the way forward will open. Again, this prompt is one you need to listen to, because if you stick around outside you’ll just encourage more zombies to come after you. Get through the paused fans, and then immediately press the button to turn them on and kill any straggling zombies chasing after you. 

Tech Support Encounter 3 – The Bunker

The Bunker

The Bunker is the hardest encounter of Tech Support this week

Now that you’re inside the bunker things will get really interesting. My team and I died in here a lot, so pay attention to your surroundings, and run if you see a group of zombies. Here your NPC will move from room to room to activate the strike at the end of the chapter. You’ll need to go down into the bottom of the room to press buttons, and that’s when zombies will run out to get you. My best advice is to run down one set of stairs, hit the button, and up the other set in front of you. Have your teammates shoot the zombies that appear, and then all of you run back to the NPC to guard them.

Your NPC will generally be working in an area that has open doors around it. You can get inside and close these doors, giving you a barrier that zombies will stop at for a brief period of time before attacking you. Work from inside these doors to kill all the zombies and avoid getting killed. It’s probably worth keeping two of you outside of them to press buttons, but bear in mind that you can be overwhelmed fast here, so head back to the NPC regularly to avoid death.

At some point the NPC will be done, and you’ll need to get to the rooftop for the final encounter.

Tech Support Encounter 4 – The Rooftop

The Rooftop

Use heavy weapons to take down large portions of the horde

This part of the chapter isn’t the hardest, despite the lack of defences and increased spawns. Thanks to the Heavy Hitters modifier you should have an abundance of heavy weapons to choose from. Make sure you have one. Zombies will approach from either side of the rooftop, and you’ll have to keep them at bay for the duration of the time limit. You might not have defences, but you do have the fans in the floor. Wait until the zombies spill over the top of the fences on a given side, then activate the fans with the button nearby. This will open the floor and drop anything on it into the fans and to its death. This includes teammates, so try not to kill each other. 

Using the fans and heavy weapons my team and I found this encounter pretty simple. The only hard but was that one of us didn’t get in the elevator as soon as the prompt came up. don’t be a hero and stick around at the end to kill all the zombies, they’ll just keep coming and you will die. Get in the elevator, end the mission, and claim your rewards. 

Best Class For The Job

World War Z Medic

Playing this week with at least two medics is essential

I played as the medic for every attempt at Tech Support in this week’s World War Z Challenge Mode, and I don’t know how you’d get through without at least two in your team. The lack of defences makes stims essential in almost every encounter. There are loads of pickups to replenish your stims at strategic points throughout the chapter, meaning you can give everyone on the team a health boost too, as long as there are two of you to share the burden. Playing selfishly will get you all killed, so honestly I’d recommend playing as a full team of medics, but two will do. 


I pointed it out for one encounter in particular, but really you need to be reloading and picking up ammo at every opportunity. You will burn through ammo faster than normal thanks to the increased number of zombies in this week’s World War Z Challenge Mode, and that will kill you fast without a gun. I managed to make it to the start of the second encounter without ammo, and nearly died on my way to pick ammo up further into it. I can’t stress enough how important ammo is this week, so top up regularly.

Other than ammo, making sure you always have a heavy weapon will be a massive relief. There are plenty of them lying around the map, so pick them up when you see them and use them as soon as you can, because there will generally be another one right around the corner. This week is about hitting a lot of zombies with big guns, so make sure you do it.

Tech Support Ending

No one skipped the ending of the mission in our team because we needed the payoff of a big explosion after all that effort


This week is one of the best World War Z Challenge Mode weeks I’ve ever seen. It’s really hard, which is the idea I guess, but it’s also very fun to learn the new mechanics of the chapter. The modifiers really work with Tech Support, making for a much more enjoyable experience than some previous weeks have seen in the mode. If you’ve never tried it, this is the week to get into Challenge Mode. 

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