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NBA 2K20: The Best Sharpshooter Build

Three-point shooting is a crucial part in the game of basketball. If you want to be a sniper from beyond the arc, here's the guide to the best NBA 2K20 Sharpshooter build. Guys like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson really have changed the game for good.

NBA 2K20: Best Sharpshooter Build

As is in the sport of basketball, three-point shooters are vital to every team in NBA 2K20. Every player apart from a center should be able to shoot from range, and in all honesty, some teams even require their center to shoot. If you’re struggling to shoot well on your other builds, no need to worry. In this guide, I’ll be providing details on how to create a sniper that anyone can be a threat on. Here is the best Sharpshooter build in NBA 2K20.

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The best NBA 2K20 Sharpshooter build

The best NBA 2K20 Sharpshooter build

Though we won’t necessarily be playing as a point guard, choose it as your position. This is because the point guard position provides us with the most optimal ratings and badge variety for our Sharpshooter build in NBA 2K20. Next, choose the first physical profile that gives us the most speed. Given that we are creating a sniper here, we need to be able to move around on the court and try to get open. Strength isn’t vital to this build as our bread and butter will be shooting from distance.

Prepare to snipe with 30 shooting badges

Prepare to snipe with 30 shooting badges

For your attribute upgrades, remain consistent with the numbers displayed above. This will give us 30 shooting badges with a high three-point shooting rating. As a result of picking the point guard position, we also have 11 defensive and 8 playmaking badges. This is why picking point guard is vital. The badge distribution prevents us from being a defensive liability. Though our ball handling is not exceptionally high, our 8 playmaking badges allows us to somewhat move the ball to find our own shot. Avoid spending a lot of attribute points for inside scoring. Remember, our priority is to be deadly from range.


No significant damage taken from going tallest

No significant damage taken from going tallest

For your height, go with 6′ 6″. This is solid for a Sharpshooter in NBA 2K20 as we don’t lose too much on our three-point rating. Going tallest also allows us to be a useful defender on the court. Our ball handling falls quite a bit, but as said before, our aim is to be a sniper on one end of the court, and a decent defender on the other. We are aiming to be the Klay Thompson or Steph Curry.

For weight, we want to be able to keep that speed and agility, so 188 lbs. is fine. You can play around with the parameters here, but personally, as a Sharpshooter, I’m moving around off-ball screens and looking for a shot. The more speed you have, the better. Having a good amount of speed will also help move the ball around to a decent level and allow us to run the other end for fast break points. 

Max wingspan is great for anyone looking to play good defense

Max wingspan is great for anyone looking to play good defense

Your wingspan is up to you, but in my opinion, maximum wingspan is the best option for our Sharpshooter build. This is because our three-point rating only drops to a 90. Our ball handling doesn’t take a huge hit either. If you’re worried about dribble moves, know that you can unlock the pro tier dribble set when you hit 96 overall. Maximum wingspan improves our defensive attributes in a huge way. Not only does it improve our block, rebound and stealing ability, but having high wingspan also improves our shot contest. With 30 shooting badges and a 90 3-ball rating, we take barely any damage from going max wingspan.

Pew pew! NBA 2K20 Sharpshooter build

Pew pew!

For your takeover badge, I would say go with the Spot Up Shooter takeover. It’s pretty difficult to miss while you have this badge open in NBA 2K20. It enhances your catch and shooting ability and allows you to become even more deadly from range. Though I don’t recommend this build for playmaking, the Shot Creator takeover is also a good option if you want the ball in your hands for longer. It depends on how you want to play the build. But my main focus was to create the best Sharpshooter build. The Spot Up Shooter takeover is the better option for this build.

That was my guide to the best Sharpshooter build on NBA 2K20. Do you agree? What would you change? Be sure to let me know with a comment below.

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