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NBA 2K20: Creating the Best PG Build

We're two months into NBA 2K20 and amidst all the controversy, patches and “Fire Ronnie2k” hashtags, I was able to craft a solid PG build with a total of 60 badge upgrades. Lace up your Jordans and get ready to dominate the courts with this all round beast of a PG.

NBA 2K20 – Creating the Best PG Build

As is with most 2K titles nowadays, NBA 2K20 has been a dodgy experience at launch. But as critical as we can be of the game (trust me, I have in the past) one thing is for sure: the core gameplay combined with our love for the sport makes it an addictive title. After a solid amount of hours spent in the park against the cheesiest line-ups, I was able to figure out a way to create a freak PG. This PG build is able to drive into the paint with authority and pull up from range, all while being able to clamp down your opponent in NBA 2K20. Enjoy this Westbrook-esque PG! (Don’t worry, you’ll be shooting better than him).

Skill Breakdown, Physical Profile & Setting Your PG Build Potential 

All round stats with a lot of pace

All round stats with a lot of pace

You’ll want to create a PG in the intro screen and choose whichever dominant hand you want. Next, we come to the skill breakdown pie charts. Choose the chart that’s playmaking dominant (orange). Selecting “playmaking” sets us up to have the best all round PG build that can shoot, dunk, dribble and play good on-ball defense. For physical profile, select the first pie chart. Although we may be taking a cut on strength, we’re most importantly aiming for high speed, acceleration and a fair amount of vertical. These stats will give our PG the ability to cut, move and take flight when attacking the rim in any NBA 2K20 game mode. Next: attribute upgrades.

60 badge upgrades for a PG build!

60 badge upgrades for a PG build!

By choosing these attribute upgrades we get an awesome variety of badges: 12 finishing, 15 shooting, 24 playmaking and 9 defensive badges. You can make a few minor adjustments to each each section, but try to remain faithful to the numbers in each category as much as you can, as it will determine how many badges your player gets.

You may be wondering why there’s a good amount of attribute points spent on defense/rebounding. Believe me, those 9 defensive badges alongside your decent perimeter defense and lateral quickness will go quite handy on the courts, as you’ll be facing a good amount of players who use big men for screens. We already have a breakdown of badges for NBA 2K20 so I’m not going to go into too much detail, but on the defensive end a combination of pick dodger, pickpocket and clamps will make you no chump when matching up with other PG builds. Don’t worry about your three-point shot at 75 for now, I have a few adjustments and tips coming up that’s bound to boost it a good amount.

Height, Weight & Wingspan

Some more adjustments

Some more adjustments

The default height for a PG is 6’3, but we’re going to go ahead and bump it up to a solid 6’5. This makes it harder to be shot over, but more importantly increases our driving dunk to 80. So, once you grind to 99 (which boosts all of your stats up by 4) you’ll be able to get pro contact dunks which is locked at 84 driving dunk. We also get a +7 on defensive rebounds. It’s not crucial, but it allows us to give some Westbrook-like support to our big man.


There’s not too much to the weight section. You don’t need to go particularly heavy, so slide down to 178 lbs and we get a +2 on our lateral quickness and a nice boost on our vertical. We lose a bit on our interior defense but with a PG build, you’re looking to play solid perimeter defense. Let your big man do the work inside.

Boosting a few stats

Boosting a few stats

With your wingspan, go a few clicks on the shorter side. If you want higher shooting stats, go shorter, but we’re going to hang around 78.9”. This gives us a +2 on our shooting, so our three’s bump up to a decent 77. Admittedly, that might not be that high for a guard aiming to shoot lights out. But don’t forget, we have 15 shooting badges to boost our shooting ability. If you grind to 99, it pushes it to a good 81. And if that doesn’t cut it, remember that a majority of your match-ups are probably playing with a jumpshot boost of +5 from the boost stand. Throw that on and we’re looking at an impressive 86 three-point and 90 mid-range shot.

Thankfully, our adjustments do not affect our ball handling which sits at the maximum 95 (99 at 99 overall). If you’re a dribble head, you’ll be speed boosting and leaving your opponents in the dust. We also get 24 playmaking badges so ankle breaker at hall of fame level combined with your high ball handling is bound to floor a few of your match-ups.


Here’s where we have even more fun. The takeover option you go for is of course down to your play-style. For dribblers looking to snap ankles and are out to embarrass their opponent, the playmaker takeover is a good option. If you’re looking to catch bodies like Westbrook, go down the slashing takeover route. The slashing takeover has been improved dramatically in NBA 2K20 for all builds. If you’re not catching bodies, you will at bare minimum be finishing heavy contact layups with high efficiency. If you’re worried about the shooting on this PG build, the shot creating takeover is probably your best friend. Your fades combined with difficult shots will be unstoppable. If you’re a good shooter and you can handle your release, go for the shot creator takeover.

MVP D. Rose! - pg build nba 2k20

MVP D. Rose!

In the end, your final screen should be looking like this. Unfortunately we didn’t get Russell Westbrook to pop-up in the “similar to” section, but the attributes and badges don’t lie. Plus, we got the legendary D. Rose to appear! What do you think about this PG build for NBA 2K20? Is there any adjustments you would have made? Let me know what build you have down below and as always, keep on hoopin’!


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    hi like NBA2k20

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    What badges do you have for this build?

  3. What badges do you select for most effectiveness?

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    Dope build!! Thanks

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    nice work! this is a solid build, helped me a lot.

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    I’m downloading now on pc and I have no ideas what build I want to go with…..I want like a really good role players that’s not slow and can handle the ball and hit an open shot when needed

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      Hello mate! Thanks for dropping a comment, i’d say look into the rebounding wing build 🙂 You can play lockdown defense and support your guard with a solid 3 point shot. Your ball handling can get to 70 depending on your height which unlocks pro dribble moves. You wont be insane on the ball but its certainly good enough too hold the ball and try to find your own shot. You also get a decent amount of driving attributes too! Something along the lines of 70-75 driving layups and dunks. It’s a solid build, go crazy!


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