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What We Know About NBA 2K20 So Far

It's that time of the year again where 2K drop some more information about their upcoming basketball game, NBA 2K20. Earlier this month 2K released some information about the highest rated players in the league, and later revealed the soundtrack list for their new title, featuring big names with the likes of Drake, Travis Scott and Post Malone. There's a lot of information out there, so here's a good summary of what you need to know.
What We Know About NBA 2K20 So Far

What We Know About NBA 2K20 So Far

As we edge closer to a new season, 2K has recently been busy making new announcements regarding their yearly dose of NBA basketball. There’s been a lot of speculation and news, some official from 2K themselves and others not-so official leaked from various sources over the past few weeks. Here’s what we know so far.


Dynamic Duo’s – Average Ratings

Earlier this month 2K revealed many player overalls, including the top 20 players of the league. Mr. LeBron James will be sharing his crown with finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, as both start the upcoming season at an impressive 97 overall. Regular season MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden, and new Net Kevin Durant follow closely as 96 overalls. Below is the list of the highest rated players in NBA 2K20 (likely to change as the season progresses):

•LeBron James, 97 – Lakers
•Kawhi Leonard, 97 – Clippers
•Giannis Antetokounmpo, 96 – Bucks
•James Harden, 96 – Rockets
•Kevin Durant, 96 – Nets
•Stephen Curry, 95 – Warriors
•Anthony Davis, 94 – Lakers
•Paul George, 93 – Clippers
•Damian Lillard, 92 – Trail Blazers
•Joel Embiid, 91 – 76ers
•Kyrie Irving, 91 – Nets
•Nikola Jokic, 90 – Nuggets
•Russell Westbrook, 90 – Rockets
•Karl-Anthony Towns, 89 – T’Wolves
•Klay Thompson, 89 – Warriors
•Blake Griffin, 88 – Pistons
•Donovan Mitchell, 88 – Jazz
•Jimmy Butler, 88 – Heat
•Kemba Walker, 88 – Celtics
•Rudy Gobert, 88 – Jazz


Big names for this years Soundtrack

An area 2K have nailed with their long running yearly franchise is music, and they certainly haven’t disappointed (well, depending on your taste in music I guess). Drake makes his return, alongside Travis Scott who was the executive producer of NBA 2K19’s soundtrack. Respectably, 2K have also included tracks from Nipsey Hussle and XXXTENTACION. Here’s the full list revealed by 2K at ComplexCon Chicago, with additional tracks to come as the year goes on:

• “Strawberries (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid)” – JID & BJ the Chicago Kid
• “Hear Me Calling” – Juice WRLD
• “Proud Of U (feat. Young Thug)” – Earthgang & Young Thug
• “Mansa Musa” – Cardi B & Limitless Soundz
• “Legacy (feat. Travis Scott & 21 Savage)” – Offset
• “I Can’t Get Enough” – Benny Blanco & Selena Gomez
• “whoa (mind in awe)” – XXXTENTACION
• “200 mph” – Bad Bunny & Diplo
• “Run it Down” – Jay Prince
• “Big Shot” – Gunna
• “Dribble2Much (feat. Problem)” – Dribble2much
• “MC’s Ain’t Like They Don’t Know” – KRS-One
• “Swishhh” – Dribble2Much
• “Down (feat. Joi)” – Run the Jewels
• “Butterfly” – Cousin Stizz
• “Sandra’s Rose” – Drake
• “Play Wit Ya” – Dreezy
• “Audio” (feat. Sia, Diplo & Labrinth)” – Sia
• “Win (feat. Kenny Beats)” – Q Da Fool
• “MyBoi – TroyBoi Remix” – Billie Ellish
• “11 Minutes (with Halsey feat. Travis Barker)” – YUNGBLUD
• “We Did It” – 1K Phew & WHATUPRG
• “Wow – Remix” – Post Malone & Roddy Ricch
• “Beautiful Smile” – Sabba & IDK
• “I Don’t Need No Help” – NLE Choppa
• “I’M DOPE” – Tobe Nwigwe & David Michael Wyatt
• “Grinding All My Life” – Nipsey Hussle
• “Maintain” – Bally & NAV
• “Uptown Vibes (feat. Fabulous & Anuel AA)” – Meek Mill
• “Goat Talk” – (feat. Lil Wayne) – T-Pain
• “365 – KUURO Remix” – Zedd, Katy Perry & KUURO
• “Control” – Aaron Taos
• “Superfly” – BLESSED
• “Ran Off” – Denino Farrar & JAYWAYSOSA
• “MONOPOLY (with Victoria Monet)” – Ariana Grande
• “Live Wire” – Motley Crue
• “Giant (with Rag’n’Bone Man)” – Calvin Harris
• “Digital” – IDK
• “How Did I Get Here (feat. J. Cole)” – Offset
• “Superhuman (feat. Shane Eli)” – Campfire
• “16 Hours” – Higher Brothers
• “Something to Believe In” – Jane Holiday
• “We Came to Win” – Kairo & Sha’Ki
• “Rodman” – Pardison Fontaine
• “So Sorry” – Ray Moon
• “Back Up” – The Siege

Winning In Style – New Brands 

A huge part of recent NBA 2K titles revolve around the park/streetball side of the sport. In this game mode, players are able to link up with friends or other players in lobbies (known as the Neighbourhood) and go 3v3 or 2v2 against one another based on street rules. A notable part of playing in the park is winning in style, as users are able to customise their player with licensed brands such as Air Jordan, Nike and Adidas. In the interest of said park players, 2K announced partnerships with new brands which has excited some and caused a little concern for others, given the companies past with microtransactions and virtual currency. Below are the new brands players can choose from when bopping around the Neighborhood.  

New brands for Swags Store

Some More New Information

Earlier this year, we found out that the WNBA will make its debut for the first time in an NBA 2K title, but will there be any new additions such as International sides or a return from Euroleague teams? Well, other than WNBA teams, it appears that 2K is hinting at a potential celebrity all-star team, as screenshots of celebrities getting their face scans have been circulating online for a while. Regarding gameplay unfortunately, no official announcements have come from 2K yet. However, we have seen some changes/new implementations via leaks from various sources, but take it with a grain of salt, as all is subject to change before release.

NBA 2K20: First Look Teaser

Leaked footage below shows that the green light animation that indicates a “Perfect Release” has been altered, flashing around the base of the players foot as opposed to a green bar that we are used to seeing. We can also see a return to the NBA 2K17 shot meter, though details on this appears to be fuzzy as some footage has suggested that the meter will be around the foot of players, and others indicating it could be around the upper body/hands of the player. NBA 2K19 gave users the option to choose between feet and hands, so it could just be a slight variation based on an existing feature from previous games. 

Details around the debatable feature “Takeover” also appears to be unclear, as leaked footage from events could go both ways. Some state that the leaks display the return of said feature, and others highlight that it could be the return of the “Grand Badge” system from NBA 2K17. Again, fuzzy details regarding this area but I’m hoping we return to the Grand Badge system, as it felt more balanced and closer to a simulation type basketball game as opposed to the Takeover feature which is argued to feel more like an arcade style experience. 


There has been much speculation regarding archetypes, but no official news or leaked footage from events to support any claim made yet. More information is bound to come as we get closer to the release date.

NBA 2K20 is scheduled to release September 6th on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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