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NBA 2K20: Creating The Best Center Build

Check out this quick guide to the best NBA 2K20 Center build! For years, Centers have played critical roles in the sport of basketball. This year, thanks to 2K's introduction of the pie charts system, you can create some really cool all-round builds.

NBA 2K20 – Creating The Best Center Build

Hello again, ladies and gents! In this piece, I’ll be guiding you guys in creating a versatile NBA 2K20 Center build. As we know, big men are important for park line-ups and of course play a vital role in rec/pro-am games. Some park line-ups have shifted towards a SF in the form of a rebounding-wing at the 3. But today, we’ll be looking at a Center build that provides his own advantages that come in the form of size and strength. You’ll be able to stretch the floor and green consistently with your HoF shooting badges, and be a force on the defensive end with HoF defensive badges.


The best NBA 2K20 Center build

The Center option provides more defensive badges over Power Forward, so select Center at the intro screen. When we get to the skill breakdown pie charts, choose the chart that’s green and red (shooting and defending). By selecting this pie chart, our Center build is set up to have solid shooting, excellent interior defense, and great rebounding stats. For your physical profile, select the second pie chart. The second pie chart gives us the highest amount of strength and a decent amount of vertical. We need to be able to protect the paint from post scorers, have strong box out game and a fair amount of vertical to grab boards that might be out of reach. We aren’t going to be particularly fast as a Center build so it’s fine to take a cut from acceleration and speed (unless you want to have some fun and would like to create an athletic high flyer).

Good amount of shooting and defensive badges at HoF level

If you follow the numbers above, you end up with 6 finishing, 17 shooting, 1 playmaking and 22 defensive badges. These badges and the level we can upgrade them to gives our Center build the option to stretch the floor convincingly. We’re also able to finish at the rim with high efficiency, protect the paint and hustle tough rebounds.



No shorter than 6’11 if you want to be a reliable Center

The taller we go, the more we lose off of our base shooting stats. Again, we’re aiming to be a versatile big. Our objective is to stay a threat on the 3pt line and have decent maneuverability to crash boards. However, another priority is that we remain solid inside the paint. So, go down to 6’11”. It checks all the boxes we need to be a supportive big man for park games, but also rec and pro-am games. For the weight section, max out. We bump our interior defense to 90 and lose very little from lateral quickness and driving dunks. 

One below max wingspan

Things get pretty interesting when it comes to wingspan. We don’t want to go anything short at all as you’ll struggle with rebounds and your shot contest inside will be fairly weak. Going max wingspan does give our Center build solid defensive stats, but our shooting drops down to 69. If we go one below max wingspan, we keep our shooting at a solid 70 and our blocks go up to 90. These stats combined with our badges will make us a reliable shooter and excellent interior defender. 


Glass Cleaner takeover provides great support for your squad

This section for me is a no brainer. The Glass Cleaner takeover is one of the best options this year for NBA 2K20 Center builds. For those who don’t know, it gives you the ability to see where the ball is going to land when a shot is missed on both ends of the floor. While the Rim Protector takeover allows you to protect your paint with unique block animations, the Glass takeover will benefit your team both on offense and defense. It boosts the % of making a putback shot and allows to break box outs. The Rim Protector takeover might be more fun, but the Glass Cleaner takeover is the better option for you and your squad. 

So, there’s my favourite NBA 2K20 Center build. What do you think about shooting Centers this year? Are there any other build guides you’d like to read about? Drop a comment below and as always, keep on hoopin’. 

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