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NBA 2K20: Best Build For Role Players

Are you bored of your NBA 2K20 build? If you've been playing guard or center all year, check out this quick guide to creating a versatile team player! The Rebounding Wing is one of the best NBA 2K20 builds when it comes to role playing and making important contributions to your team.

The Rebounding Wing – Creating the best role player build in NBA 2K20

It’s that time of the year where 2K starts to become a stale experience. You might be bored of the game right now; hell, I know I certainly am. But as many NBA 2K vets know, creating and grinding a new build always adds more life to 2K. If you’ve played guard or center for a while now and are looking to change things up, I have the best NBA 2K20 build. The Rebounding Wing is a build that can play the 2-4 in pro-am/rec and can certainly play the 2 or 3 in park.

In other words, this build fits into any team in any NBA 2K20 game mode. Though you won’t be able to find your own shot so easily due to low ball handling, you will certainly be a reliable catch and shooter on offense. You will also be a daunting match-up on the defensive end with your Hall of Fame defensive badges. Let’s get into the best role player build in NBA 2K20.

But before getting to the breakdown, be sure to check out my previous guides for the best PG build and best Center build.


Creating the best role player build

You’re going to want to start by making your build a small forward. Next, select the defending and shooting pie-chart. Now, here’s where things get a little technical based around personal preference.

In my opinion, as a Rebounding Wing, you have to take advantage of speed and acceleration for NBA 2K20. If you decide to play the 3 on park, your advantage over 6’11+ centers has to be the fact that you can run up and down the floor a lot faster than them. You shouldn’t be limited to sitting corner. If you’re fast enough, centers will struggle to guard the pick and roll or pick and pop game. You won’t be able to beat a center in the strength department so take advantage of your versatile speed, acceleration and vertical stats. If you play pro-am/rec or want to play the 2 on park in NBA 2K20, speed and acceleration is more valuable to your build than strength/interior defense. With that out of the way, select the first pie-chart for your physical profile breakdown.

6 finishing, 16 shooting, 1 playmaking 20 defending badges

For your attribute upgrades, there’s two ways to do this for the best Rebounding Wing build. You can have 6 finishing, 16 shooting, 1 playmaking and 20 defensive. The alternative is a slight change, 4 finishing, 17 shooting, 1 playmaking and 20 defensive (max all defensive and shooting attributes, then dump rest into finishing). It all depends on the way you want to play your build. If you think you’ll be fine hitting shots with 16 badges, then the extra 2 finishing badges could add to your versatility. Lob city and contact finisher on gold maybe? Who knows, it’s up to your playing style and for me, the best NBA 2K20 builds are ones that are versatile.



6’7 gives us perfect stats

For your height. I would go with 6’7. At 6’7, you are quick and have high vertical which will help you throw down dunks and rebound well. If you decide to go taller, your interior defense and the way you challenge a center inside obviously becomes easier. A Rebounding Wing can play many positions in NBA 2K20, but the best version of the build is evident when it plays the 2 at the park, and the 2-4 at pro-am/rec.

nba 2k20 - best build

Max wingspan is vital for the best Rebounding Wing build

For weight, I’d say go 186 lbs. This keeps you at a nice 82 speed, 82 acceleration and 70 vertical. As I’ve said previously, you’ll never out-strength a center so it’s better we take advantage of our speed and acceleration. And if you play the 2, well, your build doesn’t really need strength at all for NBA 2K20. Max your wingspan. As a lockdown it’s vital we can get passing lanes and good shot contest. Your shooting stats aren’t affected that much and even so, shooting boosts plus your Hall of Fame shooting badges are more than enough to hit your shots consistently. Also, if you decide to play center on the park, your best bet to stop the big guys will be your long arms and Hall of Fame defensive badges. We’ve taken a slight hit by deciding to go shorter so max wingspan is a must.


nba 2k20 - best build

The lockdown logo strikes fear into the heart of many NBA 2K20 builds

And finally, your takeover badge. It’s really down to your playing style. If you don’t trust your jumpshot in clutch moments, maybe consider the sharp takeover. If you’re going to play the 3 on park, maybe consider the glass-cleaner takeover. As a park player, nothing scares me more than seeing someone with the lockdown takeover logo near their build’s name in NBA 2K20. Choose wisely and also consider how you’re going to make the best contribution to your team’s line-up.

There’s the guide to the best role playing build in NBA 2K20. If there are any other builds you would want a guide to, make sure to drop a comment, and as always, keep on hoopin’.

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