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Top 5 Badges In Each Category To Dominate In The Park In NBA 2K20

Top Badges to Dominate in NBA 2K20

On the path to become a Legend in NBA 2K20? You'll need all the best badges for your MyPlayer to get there. Check out our recommendations on where you should spend your badge points to dominate MyPark...

NBA 2K20 Demo News – All Badges That Will Feature This Year

Earlier this week 2K released the demo for their highly anticipated basketball game NBA 2K20. One of the more popular aspects of the game is undoubtedly player creation and customisation. This year, 2...

What We Know About NBA 2K20 So Far

It's that time of the year again where 2K drop some more information about their upcoming basketball game, NBA 2K20. Earlier this month 2K released some information about the highest rated players in ...

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