7 Tips for Reaching Legendary Rank in Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer

This post includes some tips for getting to Legendary rank in Call of Duty: Mobile’s Multiplayer team modes. Do you need a few tips for reaching Legendary rank in Call of Duty: Mobile’s Multiplayer mode? If so, you’ve come to the right page!

7 Tips for Reaching Legendary Rank in Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer

Call of Duty: Mobile includes six ranking tiers for its team-based Multiplayer modes. Legendary is the highest rank tier in the game. Players who reach the Legendary rank can have a go at gaining a place on the Multiplayer leaderboard for a season. Although it’s pretty straightforward to climb the lower ranking tiers, things get tougher from Pro rank onward. If you’re gunning for glory, check out these tips for getting to Legendary rank in Call of Duty: Mobile’s Multiplayer modes.

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1. Set up alternative loadouts for different Multiplayer modes

Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Domination, and Hardpoint are the four different Multiplayer game modes in Call of Duty: Mobile. Domination and Hardpoint are similar modes as they both involve capturing and holding positions on the map. However, they’re very different play modes to Team Deathmatch and Search and Destroy. Therefore, it’s better to set up different loadouts optimized for specific Multiplayer modes than play with the same one for all modes.

For example, movement speed is more important in Domination and Hardpoint matches. So, it’s more important to equip yourself with a gun with a higher mobility rating for those modes. As Hardpoint and Domination matches are typically fought at closer quarters, in and around capture points, it’s also better to select guns that are more effective at close range for those Multiplayer modes.

A Call of Duty: Mobile loadout

A Call of Duty: Mobile loadout

However, speed isn’t so important for Team Deathmatch and Search and Destroy. Players also tend to keep their distances a bit more in those Multiplayer modes. Thus, longer-range guns, with slower fire rates, are more effective in those modes for picking off hostiles at greater distances.

2. Play in clans

A clan is a team of players who get together to play matches more regularly. Instead of playing with random players, you can play with the same teammates in a clan for many matches. By joining a clan, you can find some reliable teammates to play with regularly. That’s probably better than playing with a completely mixed bag of random reliable and unreliable teammates in all your Multiplayer matches.

The Clan menu

The Clan menu

Another good thing about playing in clans is that you’ll get more XP by doing so. You’ll receive an XP bonus for every match you play within a clan. That extra XP will increase your level more quickly in clans, which will unlock new guns and perks for you to take into battle.

3. Level up your guns in casual games

Playing in ranked matches with guns that need leveling up won’t help you much. Equipping yourself with a gun that has few, if any attachments, will probably reduce your kill rate. It’s better to play some casual (non-ranked) games to level up new guns you want to try out before taking them into ranked battles. When you’ve boosted a gun’s level, you can add more attachments to it to enhance it for ranked play.

Non-ranked matches also give you a good chance to familiarize yourself with maps. Unlike ranked matches, you can choose a map to play on. So, you can play any map as many times as you want for casual matches to become more familiar with it. By doing so, you can gain more insight into where the best positions on a map are to attack enemies and defend capture points.

The Map Selection screen

The Map Selection screen

4. Make the most of cover

Try not to move through open areas on maps where you’ll more likely be seen and be vulnerable to enemy fire. Instead, move into and through buildings and across outdoor areas with more cover. You’ll less likely be spotted and targeted within buildings. Buildings’ windows, rooftops, door openings, and balconies provide outlets to shoot at hostiles; and walls will give you cover from return fire.

5. Wait for your health to regenerate

Your health always regenerates after you’ve taken some hits (as long as you don’t lose it all). So, make sure you wait a few seconds for your health to regenerate after killing one enemy before you seek out another hostile. If you’ve lost a lot of energy, you might need to wait a bit longer than five seconds for it to fully regenerate. Go inside a room or crouch behind some nearby cover during the seconds you need to wait for your energy to fully replenish. Doing so will ensure you have maximum health whenever you confront foes.

6. Shoot for the head

As in most other first-person blasters, headshots inflict the most damage in Call of Duty: Mobile. The higher you hit them, the faster enemies will fall. So, aim high when firing at hostiles in Multiplayer matches to pull off more headshots and amass more kills.

7. Play Call of Duty: Mobile on an Android emulator

If you really want to get an edge in Call of Duty: Mobile ranked play, try playing the game with an Android emulator for Windows. An emulator is software that enables you to run Android mobile apps within Windows. The best emulators enable you to play almost all Android games on Windows desktops and laptops.

GameLoop is the official Tencent emulator for Call of Duty: Mobile. With that emulator, you can play COD: Mobile full-screen on a desktop or laptop for a wider field of view. You’ll also benefit from the more accurate keyboard and mouse controls for aiming and shooting, which are fully customizable.

BlueStacks 5 is another good Android emulator for playing Call of Duty: Mobile. That emulator has a Shooting Mode feature you can trigger to aim and shoot entirely with a mouse for more PC-like gameplay. Players can also select the Enable high frame rates option in BlueStacks to play COD: Mobile at a higher FPS rate than they would be able to on most mobile devices.

Are you now ready to take your place among the Call of Duty: Mobile elite? The above tips will give you a better chance of reaching Legendary rank in Call of Duty: Mobile. Then you can take on the top guns in COD: Mobile when (or if) you get to Legendary rank.


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    dont use an emulator u will be banned if they catch u using one not partnered with codm…please do your research on that one. hugging the outside of the map taking advantage of the spawn switch are also good tips. knowing there WILL be people in windows doorways and around corners so your prepared for the fire fight helps too

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      The emulator he mentioned is partnered with cod mobile..


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