7 Call of Duty: Mobile tips for Team Deathmatch mode

If you’ve just added COD to your mobile device, check out some of these Call of Duty: Mobile tips for Team Deathmatch. Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the hottest shoot 'em ups for Android and iOS devices. That game’s Team Deathmatch mode is a cut above the rest.

7 Call of Duty: Mobile tips for Team Deathmatch mode

A previous KeenGamer post provided some tips for Call of Duty: Mobile’s Battle Royale mode. However, COD: Mobile’s Team Deathmatch mode is a completely different ball game. Team Deathmatch pits two teams of five players against each other on numerous maps with infinite respawns. The first team to reach the 50 kill mark wins. It’s a simple game mode that’s a lot of fun. Here are seven Call of Duty: Mobile tips for Team Deathmatch.

1. Equip the Vulture Perk

Perks are accessories you can equip yourself with in Call of Duty: Mobile’s Team Deathmatch mode. There are Red, Green, and Blue Perk categories you unlock at various levels. Vulture is one of the best perks to equip yourself with, as that enables you to pick up the ammo you shot at downed hostiles. Thus, Vulture ensures you don’t run out of ammunition, as you can quickly recollect all the ammo you fired after shooting down an enemy.

The Vulture perk

2. Get Strafing

Strafing is a playing technique that can be especially effective in Call of Duty: Mobile, along with other first-person shooters. A strafe is basically the action of moving sideways (left or right) when firing at hostiles. One good way to strafe in Team Deathmatch is to find some cover, such as a wall or large object, and then strafe out from your cover to open fire at a hostile. If you start taking a few hits and lose some health, you can then strafe to the side behind your cover. You can replenish a bit of health and reload your gun behind cover before strafing out again to resume fire on hostiles.

Circular strafing is something that takes a bit more practice. That’s when a player moves sideways, in a circular motion, while firing at a nearby hostile without any cover. It’s harder for hostiles to get any accurate fire on you whilst you’re strafing in such a way, but you’ll also need to hit your targets while moving. Thus, some players might prefer to strafe behind cover instead.

3. Aim for the head

As in most first-person shooters, hostiles fall more quickly when you aim for heads. So, try aiming for the heads to pull off headshots. Call of Duty: Mobile’s advanced control scheme will automatically enable you to aim down sight every time you fire. So, that will give you the more precise aiming required for headshots.

The Crossfire map

4. Play with caution

As Team Deathmatch is a race to the 50-kill mark with infinite respawns, some players might rush around frantically to try and rack up kills quicker. However, they might get themselves killed more often in the process. Remember that it’s also important not to get yourself shot down too often in Team Deathmatch. You won’t help your team that much if the other team’s players shoot you down more times than you kill them. So, try to play with more caution to minimize the number of times you get shot down and ensure that you actually rack up a higher number of kills than the other team gets on you. Doing so will also increase the number of score streaks you get.

5. Move with your teammates

Try not to move around the map too much on your own. Doing so will increase your chances of getting outnumbered on the map by two, three, and maybe even more hostiles. Remember that you’re playing with four other teammates who can support you, and vice versa. So, try to move around the map with, or at least stay close to, some of your teammates so that you can provide support fire for them when required. You can rack up quite a few assists when you’re firing at the same hostiles your teammates are.

A teammate on the move

6. Check out the under deck passage on Hijacked

Hijacked is a Team Deathmatch map in Call of Duty: Mobile in which players battle it out on a ship. That map includes a hidden under-deck passage which escapes the attention of a lot of players. Players can climb down a ladder through a hole in the floor to an under-deck passage that connects one end of the ship with the other. To find it, move along the right side of the ship from the back and then move into the open cabin door on the left. On the right side of that door inside, you’ll find the hole in the floor shown directly below with a ladder you can climb down.

The ladder entrance to the under deck passage

7. Play COD: Mobile on an Android emulator

You can play Call of Duty: Mobile with keyboard and console gamepad controls by adding an Android emulator to a Windows desktop or laptop. BlueStacks is one of the most highly rated Android emulators for games. Alternatively, check out Tencent’s GameLoop, which is the official emulator for Call of Duty: Mobile. Click Download on GameLoop’s Call of Duty: Mobile page to get the installer for that emulator. Then install the software with the downloaded setup wizard.

Introducing BlueStacks 4 - The Best Mobile Gaming Device

Those Call of Duty: Mobile tips for Team Deathmatch will help you win more matches and climb the rankings quicker. Of course, you can’t win your Team Deathmatch matches all by yourself; but you’ll get more wins with a better K/D ratio.

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