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5 Of The Best Call Of Duty: Mobile Guns

Selecting a decent gun will give you an edge in Call of Duty: Mobile. If you’re not sure which ones to select, check out this guide that provides details for five of the best Call of Duty: Mobile guns. There are loads of guns to choose from in COD: Mobile.

5 of the best guns in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile includes a plethora of guns for players to equip. This game includes shotguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, submachine guns, pistols, light machine guns, and more. Picking the best guns will enable you to rack up better kill rates in all COD: Mobile’s various game modes. These are some of the best Call of Duty: Mobile guns to choose from.

1. RUS-79U

The RUS-79U, formerly known as the AKS-74U, is widely regarded to be the best submachine gun in Call of Duty: Mobile. This submachine has a base damage of 78, which is comparable to sniper rifles! That base damage combined with the RUS-79U’s more rapid rate of fire gives you a really potent firearm for close quarter dogfights. The 79U also has a very decent mobility rating, which means you can move around very quickly with it. This gun’s range is poor, but that matters little for a submachine that you’ll engage hostiles at closer distances with.

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2. AK-47

The AK-47 is the assault rife of choice for many players. That’s probably because of its high base damage and good range. With a steady rate of fire, this is a versatile gun that’s well suited to both close quarter and mid-range gunfights. The AK-47’s accuracy isn’t that great for long distance shooting, and it also has quite a lot of recoil. However, you can enhance this gun’s stability with additional accessories. This is a decent firearm for all Call of Duty: Mobile game modes.



3. M16

The M16 is one of the most balanced guns in Call of Duty: Mobile. The gun’s accuracy, range, and mobility ratings are all at 60, and its damage rating is marginally higher at 65. This is also a very steady assault rifle with little recoil. So, this gun is ideal for mid to long-range gunfights. The M16’s fire rate is a little slow, but it’s still okay for close quarter engagements.



4. M21 EBR

The M21 EBR is one of Call of Duty: Mobile’s best sniper rifles alongside the DL Q33. In fact, its range, accuracy, and mobility stats are identical to the DL Q33. I choose the M21 ahead of the DL Q33 primarily because its fire rate is more than twice as high, which makes it an easier sniping option. The DL Q33’s base damage is +10 higher, but the E21’s fire rate stat is +20 higher than the Q33’s rate of fire. Thus, the E21 has a slightly higher overall stat total.



5. UL736

If you want to play with a light machine gun, the UL736 is the best one to go for. It boasts very high base damage, which combined with a decent fire rate and high magazine capacity makes this a deadly firearm. The UL736’s range is good for a machine gun, which makes it better for mid-range shooting than the likes of the S36. Like all LMGs, the UL736 is a firearm that slows you down. However, you can boost your movement speed with the Lightweight perk and Stock attachment.



Those are a few of the best Call of Duty: Mobile guns to add to your loadouts. Of those, I love the AK-47 and RUS-79U the most. However, they’re all decent firearms.

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