8 Call of Duty: Mobile Tips for the Battle Royale Mode

Call of Duty is taking mobile gaming by storm. Get ahead of the curve with our 8 Call of Duty: Mobile tips for the game’s Battle Royale mode. Now you can add a multiplayer COD game to your Android or iOS mobile for some pulsating blasting action.

8 Call of Duty: Mobile Tips for the Battle Royale Mode

Call of Duty has been one of the biggest console game series for more than a decade. Activision released a mobile version of Call of Duty in 2019. Call of Duty: Mobile is both a third and first-person blaster which tips players into battlling it out in Battle Royale or 5v5 Team Deathmatch game modes with a wide variety of arsenal. The game is freely available for Android and iOS mobile devices at the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Battle Royale mode pits up to 100 players against each other on a map with a variety of alternative landscapes. Those players blast it out until there’s just one of them, or a team, left standing. The Battle Royale mode is undoubtedly one of the game’s highlights even tough it is only limited to one map at the moment. After adding the game to your mobile, you can check out some of the Call of Duty: Mobile tips below.

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Official Launch Trailer

1. Don’t Carry two Guns With the Same Ammunition Type

Different guns have different ammunition types, such as 7.62, .45, and 9 mm ammunition. Carrying two guns that fire the same type of ammunition will share that ammo between them. Thus, you’ll effectively half the amount of ammo you can carry if you hold two guns that fire the same caliber ammunition.

So, always carry two guns that fire different types of ammo. Then firing one firearm won’t deplete the ammo for the other gun. Try carrying a longer distance firearm, such as sniper rifle, alongside one that can be more effective at closer ranges, such as a submachine gun.

2. Climb Those Cliffs

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Battle Royale mode map has lots of elevated terrain for players to climb. The highest terrains on the map are almost like mountains with high cliff sides. Those mountains provide great views of the surrounding map from which you can spot players before they see you. With a bit of scope, you can then shoot at players below you from the top of the cliffs to blow them out of the match. So, move up and along the elevated terrain on the map when you can.

8 Call of Duty: Mobile Tips for the Battle Royale Mode

A view from the top of a cliff on the Battle Royale map.

3. Throw Yourself Off Cliffs

Some players more familiar with PUBG Mobile might peer over the very high cliff edges on Call of Duty: Mobile’s map with some trepidation. Players can lose a lot of health in PUBG Mobile falling off high terrain.

However, it’s not the same in Call of Duty: Mobile as you won’t lose any health by jumping off high cliffs. In fact, you’ll start gliding down to the lower ground when you throw yourself off higher cliffs on Call of Duty: Mobile’s map. So, don’t be afraid to jump off high cliffs to glide some way down to the ground like Batman!

4. Choose the Medic Class

Players get to select one character class from a choice of six at the beginning of matches. The Medic is one of the more preferable classes to choose from that provides a regular medic kit to heal yourself with during a match. Although you can pick up heal items, the Medic class ensures you’ll always have something available to replenish your energy with. As you won’t need to pick up so many heal items when playing as Medic, you can also fill your bag with more ammo and grenades instead.

8 Call of Duty: Mobile Tips for the Battle Royale Mode

The Medic-class kit heals a player.

5. Make Sure Your Gun is Fully Loaded When you Engage a Hostile

Guns need reloading after you’ve fired off a round with them. Your gun won’t fire anything when it needs a reload. Nothing is worse than moving in close to take out a hostile only for your gun to suddenly stop when you start to fire. Then you’ll need to reload your weapon with a hostile firing at you from close range. You’ll certainly lose some energy for the few seconds it takes to reload, and in the worst case such a scenario can be fatal. So, press that reload button before moving in to engage a hostile from close quarters in or around a building.

6. Beware of the Hellhound Boss

The Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale mode map includes a Hellhound boss. Its position is marked by a red dot on the map (and a wolf circle above the ground). If you walk over that position, a zombie wolf will leap out at you. Killing that zombie will give you some higher-tier loot, but it might also hack you down. Furthermore, you’ll need to fire a lot of ammo at it, which might also give up your position on the map and alert other players to you. Therefore, it’s not always worth trying to defeat the Hellhound.

8 Call of Duty: Mobile Tips for the Battle Royale Mode

The Hellhound arises from the ground.

7. Check Out GameLoop

Call of Duty: Mobile’s touchscreen controls aren’t bad, but players generally prefer to play third and first-person shooters with keyboards and gamepads. Players can shoot and aim more precisely with keyboard and mouse controls. You can play Call of Duty: Mobile with keyboard controls by adding an Android or iOS emulator to Windows, such as BlueStacks. The best emulators enable players to play almost all Android or iOS games on Windows desktops and laptops.

Introducing BlueStacks 4 - The Best Mobile Gaming Device

GameLoop is the official Call of Duty: Mobile emulator from Tencent. So, that provides some of the best COD: Mobile optimization for Windows PCs with a default control scheme optimized by Call of Duty’s developers. It also incorporates an AOW engine that ensures both faster and smoother gaming. Click the Download button on the GameLoop website to add that emulator to Windows.

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8. Play Call of Duty Mobile With a Gamepad

You can also play Call of Duty: Mobile on tablets and phones with console gamepads. COD: Mobile supports both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers. So, players with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles will likely have gamepads they can play COD: Mobile with on their mobile devices. Playing with a gamepad will give you console controls, which are more ideal for shooting games.

You’ll need to connect a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One gamepad with a mobile device by turning on its wireless pairing mode. Or you can connect controllers via Bluetooth, which needs to be enabled on your mobile device. After connecting the gamepad with mobile device, launch COD: Mobile and open its settings. Then tap the Controller tab shown directly below, make sure the Enable Controller Support setting is selected, and tap the Connect button.

8 Call of Duty: Mobile Tips for the Battle Royale Mode

The Enable Controller Support option.

Those Call of Duty: Mobile tips will give you a better chance of winning, or at least surviving longer in, that game’s Battle Royale mode. Then you’ll climb the game’s Battle Royale rankings faster. Good luck, but you won’t need it so much now!

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