6 Call of Duty: Mobile Tips for Domination Mode

Call of Duty: Mobile is the crème de la crème of shoot ‘em ups for mobile devices. Check out this guide that includes 6 Call of Duty: Mobile tips for Domination that will boost your game. We could all use a few pointers for its Domination mode.

6 Call of Duty: Mobile Tips for Domination Mode

Domination is one of Call of Duty: Mobile’s multiplayer modes. Domination is a more strategic mode than Team Deathmatch, in which teams of five need to capture and hold zone circles to rack up points in a match of two halves. The first team to get 150 points (in ranked play) wins the match. So, teams win matches by capturing and holding more zones instead of killing more players. Here are a few Call of Duty: Mobile tips for Domination matches.

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1. Be Prepared to Fight Hard for Zone B

Domination matches include A, B, and C zones for teams to capture. The A and C zones are always the closest to the teams’ respawn points. Thus, those zones are usually first captured and held by the teams that start closest to them.

Zone B is the one in the middle of the map. That makes B the most crucial and hotly contested zone, as both teams usually capture and hold the ones that are closest to their respawn spots. The team holding B will often have the 2-to-1 zone advantage that’s essential to amassing the most points.

Capturing zone B

Capturing zone B

Be prepared to fight hardest for zone B, where a lot of the action takes place. Capturing that zone first will usually ensure your team gets in front at the beginning of matches. If you can hold B for the duration of a match half, your team will probably accumulate the most points through said half. So, make sure to defend B after capturing it to ensure your team holds two zones.

2. Equip the Lightweight and Hardline Perks

You can equip three perks for your Domination mode loadout. As speed is more important in Domination matches, Lightweight is one of the best perks for that game mode. Lightweight will give you a 10 percent running speed increase.

With Lightweight equipped, you can move between positions on maps more quickly. As you’ll move quicker with that perk, you’ll probably get to zone B before most enemies at the beginning of match halves. You’ll also be able to move more quickly to defend zones that enemies are capturing.

The Lightweight perk

The Lightweight perk

Hardline is another perk worth noting for Domination. That perk increases scorestreak points from kills by 25 percent. Thus, you’ll activate scorestreak weapons 25 percent more quickly with that perk equipped. Scorestreak weapons, such as Sentry Gun, XS1 Goliath, and VTOL, can be invaluable for defending and capturing zones in Domination.

3. Equip a weapon with good mobility

To further boost your movement speed in Domination, add a gun with a decent speed (mobility) rating to your loadout. Your gun should have a mobility rating of at least 60. Guns like the RUS-79U and Chicom, which have high mobility ratings, are more preferable for Domination. The RUS-79U is among the best guns in Call of Duty thanks to its high damage and fast fire rate. You can zip across the map with a high mobility weapon and Lightweight perk equipped.

Call of Duty®: Mobile Tutorials - Domination (EN)

You can also get skins for guns that increase your speed for a limited time after you respawn. For example, the M16’s Mardi Grass and Clown skins provide that very effect. A gun with one of those skins is also worth considering for your Domination loadout. Gun skins are available as in-app purchases and COD: Mobile login and even bonuses.

4. Find a good defensive position for a zone

When your team is holding two zones and is ahead in a game, focus on defending a zone. When defending a zone, do not stand on or right next to its circle where there will usually be no cover. Find a good defensive position from which you’ve got clear sight of the zone you’re defending. Windows that overlook zones can be ideal defensive positions as they’ll give you cover and a viewpoint. Any kind of wall, fence, or large vehicle that you can strafe out from will be fine.

Guarding zone A

Guarding zone A

Some maps might also include defensive positions from which you can defend two zones. Look for positions on the map where you can defend two zones at once. You can defend them from some rooftops and higher building floors on maps like Firing Range and Standoff.

5. Play Domination with the Transform Shield

Transform Shield is an Operator Skill that can come in handy for Domination matches. That Operator Skill puts up a shield wall, and it briefly blinds opponents for a couple of seconds. As you need to defend zones in Domination, it’s worth equipping Transform Shield for that mode. With it, you can set up your own cover to fire from when defending zones. TS can also come in handy when capturing a flag as you can place the wall when standing on the circle to give yourself some cover.

6. Place Sentry Guns on or Around Zones

The Sentry Gun is one of the best scorestreak weapons to bring along for Domination matches. It’s an unmanned submachine gun which fires at nearby hostiles. An ideal defensive weapon to place on, or right next to, a captured zone for cover. That gun will start firing at and kill nearby enemies as they approach the zone it’s guarding.

The Sentry Gun

The Sentry Gun

Those Call of Duty: Mobile tips for Domination will give you a better chance of winning more matches for that mode. They’ll also help enhance your own final match scores, which will boost your ranking. 

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