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7 Call of Duty: Mobile Tips for Search and Destroy

Call of Duty: Mobile is among the hottest multiplayer shooters. This guide includes some Call of Duty: Mobile tips for its Search and Destroy mode. Search and Destroy is its most 'explosive' game mode that's comparable to Counter-Strike.

7 Call of Duty: Mobile tips for Search and Destroy Cover

Search and Destroy is one of Call of Duty: Mobile’s multiplayer modes. It is a more tactical game mode that you can start playing from Elite rank. Search and Destroy pits two teams of five players against each other across a series of rounds in which one side needs to detonate a bomb at one of two A and B locations on the map. The other team needs to stop their opponents from detonating the bomb during a round. The first team to win five rounds wins the match.

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Search and Destroy is the most unique multiplayer game mode in COD: Mobile, as it’s the only one in which players don’t get infinite respawns. When you get killed, you’re out for a round and spectate the remainder of it. Search and Destroy is a more tactical mode than Team Deathmatch, since you can win rounds by eliminating all enemy players, detonating the bomb, or stopping the other team detonating the bomb within a round’s time limit. Here are some Call of Duty: Mobile tips for Search and Destroy matches.

1. Play Search and Destroy like a battle royale match

In Search and Destroy, you only respawn at the beginning of new rounds. There’s no way to come back when you get shot down during a round. Thus, Search and Destroy is more like a battle royale match spread out across numerous rounds. So, play Search and Destroy rounds just as cautiously as battle royale matches, in which you can’t afford to get shot down once. Move close to and through cover, and try not to charge into a horde of hostiles.

Call of Duty®: Mobile Tutorials - Search & Destroy (EN)

2. Find good defensive positions to guard bomb spots

When you’re the defending team, try to find a good defensive position from which to guard the A or B bomb-detonating spots. A decent defensive position will provide you with some cover and a good view of the detonation spot and pathways to it. Windows that overlook bomb-detonating spots are ideal defensive positions, as the buildings’ walls can provide cover. If the bomb spot is indoors, guard entrances to the buildings and their stairways.

3. Toss smoke grenades

Smoke grenades can come in handy, especially for Search and Destroy matches. When your team is about to plant the bomb, or planting it, chuck a smoke grenade on the floor to give you some camouflage. It takes about four or fives seconds for a player to plant a bomb, whom cannot shoot when planting it. Hostiles won’t be able to see the player planting the bomb when they’re within a cloud of smokes, so smoke grenades can provide invaluable camouflage from enemy fire when planting bombs.

Smoke from a smoke grenade

Smoke from a smoke grenade

Smoke grenades can be just as handy for defusing bombs when there are still a few hostiles in the round. It takes a few seconds to defuse a planted bomb, during which time the defusing player is vulnerable to enemy fire. A defusing player will be much less vulnerable to enemy fire within a smoke cloud.

4. Equip the Dead Silence perk

Dead Silence is one of Call of Duty: Mobile’s best perks for most game modes. With that perk equipped, the enemy can’t hear your footsteps. That perk is especially good for Search and Destroy games, since hostiles won’t be able to hear you approaching bomb-detonating spots. It will give you more of a chance of catching them by surprise during Search and Destroy rounds.

The Dead Silence perk

The Dead Silence perk

5. Escort the player with the bomb

The player who carries the bomb can’t usually plant it all by themselves. So, make sure that you move with, and escort, the player carrying the bomb to whatever bomb-detonating spot they go to. Then you can help them kill any hostiles that stand in their way. The player with the bomb also needs somebody to watch out for hostiles when planting the explosive. At any rate, it’s generally good practice to move with teammates in multiplayer team modes.

A player with the bomb

A player with the bomb

6. Equip the UAV Scorestreak

Scorestreak gear hardly comes into play at all during Search and Destroy matches. The UAV, however, is one of the few Scorestreaks that you can feasibly activate in Search and Destroy. It’s one of the lowest-point Scorestreaks there is, and it’s a valuable one for S&D matches, as it reveals enemies on the radar. I’ve seen UAVs come into play in a few S&D matches. That’s one Scorestreak which can occasionally come in handy for Search and Destroy.



7. Play Search and Destroy matches with an Android Emulator

Android emulators enable players to play Call of Duty: Mobile with keyboards, gamepads, and more expansive displays on desktops and laptops. Players can aim and shoot a bit more quickly and precisely with keyboards and gamepads than touchscreen controls. Thus, you can give yourself a bit of an upper hand by playing COD: Mobile’s Search and Destroy matches with an emulator.

GameLoop is the official Android emulator for Call of Duty: Mobile. It has already had more than two million downloads, so a lot of COD: Mobile players are reaping the benefits of that emulator. You can be among them by clicking Download on the GameLoop website.

Call of duty will be landing to Gameloop soon!

Those Call of Duty: Mobile tips for Search and Destroy will give you more chance of winning S&D matches. However, you can’t win the matches alone, and much will still depend on the other four players in your team.

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