5 of the Best Call of Duty: Mobile Scorestreaks for Multiplayer Matches

This guide tells you about some of the best Call of Duty: Mobile Scorestreaks for Multiplayer mode. Call of Duty: Mobile includes 15 Scorestreaks, but you can only equip three of them. Picking the best ones will give you a better chance in your matches.

5 of the Best Call of Duty: Mobile Scorestreaks

Scorestreaks are a part and parcel of most Call of Duty games, and COD: Mobile is not an exception. Players can utilize three equipped Scorestreak gear during Call of Duty: Mobile’s Multiplayer mode matches when they pull off killstreaks (ranging from three to 20 consecutive kills). The best Scorestreaks can have a decisive impact in Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Hardpoint matches. These are five of the best Call of Duty: Mobile Scorestreaks (in no particular order).

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1. Sentry Gun (800 points)

The Sentry Gun is an unmanned submachine gun that automatically fires at hostiles that move within its range. This is one of the best Call of Duty: Mobile Scorestreaks for Domination and Hardpoint matches in which you have to defend and hold captured points on the maps. A Sentry Gun placed on a captured point your team is holding will blow the hell out of attacking players. The Sentry Gun can be even more effective when you protect the gun to prevent enemies from destroying it.



2. VTOL (1,600 points)

The VTOL Warship is the most devastating Scorestreak you can equip. This is a big flying warship that enables you to target and blow the hell out of hostiles on the map below you. As you’re firing the VTOL’s cannons, it’s much harder for enemies to shoot down that warship than the Stealth Chopper Scorestreak. In terms of the number of kills you can potentially amass with it, VTOL might well be the best of the lot.

However, the best Scorestreak also has one of the highest killstreak requirements. You’ll need to amass 1,600 killstreak points, which amounts to 16 kills in a row, to utilize the VTOL. Thus, most players probably won’t get that many chances to utilize the VTOL. If you’re the sort of player who can pull of 16 consecutive kills with some regularity, however, this is most definitely the Scorestreak for you!



3. Nuclear Bomb (2,000 points)

This is a hidden Scorestreak you can utilize from level 20 without equipping. The Nuclear Bomb, as you might guess, sets off a nuclear blast that annihilates all enemies. Therefore, this Scorestreak amounts to a guaranteed five kills when you activate it. It’s basically a fourth Scorestreak for all players at level 20 or above. However, few players can pull off the 20 consecutive kills required to set off this A-bomb during matches.

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4. UAV (400 points)

Unlike most other Scorestreaks, the UAV is not a weapon. It’s an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that highlights enemy positions on the minimap, for all players on your team, with red dots for a limited time period. Thus, the UAV is basically a radar device that detects enemy positions.



Admittedly, the UAV is not nearly as devastating as the likes of the VTOL or Nuclear Bomb. However, this is still an invaluable tool that shows you where enemies lurk. It’s somewhat easier to kill enemies when you know where they are on the map. The UAV will also save you from running into a bunch of hostiles in a room or around a corner. As just four consecutive kills activate the UAV, you can also utilize this handy device with much greater regularity than the likes of the VTOL and Advanced UAV.

XS1 Goliath (900 points)

The XS1 Goliath is a manually operated mechanized suit that’s heavily armored and armed with a rapid-firing minigun, which is akin to a submachine gun. When you jump into one of these, you can mow down multiple hostiles with ease. The XS1 Goliath is a bit slow, and it’s not entirely indestructible, but you can still cause some big carnage with it. So, this is another Scorestreak that can have a decisive impact in matches. 

The XS1 Goliath

The XS1 Goliath

Those are some of the best Call of Duty: Mobile Scorestreaks that can win you more matches when activated. The UAV and Sentry Gun are recommended low and mid-point Scorestreaks. Then take your pick from either the XS1 Goliath and VTOL high-point Scorestreaks.

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