Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Now Available

The Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo is now available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Players can explore the Aloha region and embark on a separate journey from the full game. This demo is packed with a good amount of content to get you ready for the full release on November 18th.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Screen
Nintendo has launched the free Pokemon Sun and Moon demo on the 3DS eShop. Titled the Special Demo Version, the demo has a pretty good amount of content. Showing off new Pokemon, moves, new types of battles, and much more. The demo requires 3058 blocks and is located on the front page of the eShop. Also if you purchase the game by January 11th, you'll receive an early purchase bonus.

A Munchlax holding a special item called Snorlium Z! By evolving Muchlax into Snorlax you will be able to use a special Z-move called Pulverizing Pancake.

Get your first taste of the Aloha region now!

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