Magearna arrives in Pokemon Sun & Moon!

Completed the main story of Pokemon Sun and/or Moon? Well Pokemon Trainers rejoice, you can now catch the mythical Magearna! Unlike most Pokemon however, catching this beast is easier than you may think...

Magearna arrives in Pokemon Sun & Moon!
If you've managed to conquer the wonderful story of Pokemon Sun or Moon, Nintendo now have a little something more to offer you. Players can now obtain the mythical Magearna Pokemon via the in-game QR scanner feature.

So where do you find the QR Code? Well, the code is displayed at the end of Pokemon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechnical Marvel, which you can go and watch right now on Pokemon TV, a free application available through many interest browsers and on the app stores of many popular mobile devices. Pokemon TV has no subscription payment or such, but standard data charges do apply when using this app.

Magearna is a Steel and Fairy type Pokemon, meaning she will undoubtedly have a diverse and interesting skillset to play with. She is the first Mythical Pokemon that you can obtain in the game, and given how massive Pokemon Sun & Moon has become, there is almost no doubt that although this is the first Mythical, it will definitely not be the last.

You can download Pokemon TV on the Apple store, Google Play Store, or Amazon to get access to the QR code to get your very own Magearna!

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