Pokémon Sun and Moon New starters and regions

A look into the new Starters for Pokemon Sun and Moon as well as the box arts and legendary Pokemon and the region itself.

Pokémon MoonPokémon Sun
With the new Pokemon games, Sun and Moon, on the horizon we have been blessed from Nintendo and Game Freak with some new information. A snippet of information it may be but enough to get me personally excited. Firstly we are shown the new box arts for each game which also gives us our first look at the legendary Pokemon in this 7th generation of Pokemon. Now these legendaries do look interesting, much more than the previous letter ones, because that was lost on me. Simplicity works for me, light and dark to go with day and night to go with sun and moon, simples.

As an added bonus we are privileged enough to see our new starter Pokemon which are a great improvement over the last set, again in my opinion. They are called Rowlet, Litten and Popplio in the order of Grass, Fire and Water. Like them or not I think you have to at least give credit to the uniqueness of at least Rowlet and Popplio, the fire kitty cat not so much.

The final new piece of information is the new region itself. Alola seems to conform to the theory going round the internet that trainers will be exploring the Pokemon world’s version of Hawaii after the last generations France. This is what excites me about the new game as it bears a striking resemblance to the Hoenn region which was my favourite layout in all of the Pokemon series.This is all the information at present and to be honest is enough to start the new hype train… well it is for me.

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