Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon – New Trailer Revealed

Check out this all new trailer for the all new upcoming 3DS game Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon featuring the all new region Alola.

Image of Alola Region from Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon

Today we got an all new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, which showcases the all new Alola region. Along with this we also got the official names for the legendaries Sungaleo and Lunala. Along with new details for the characters in the game. We first have Professor Kukui, the professor who gives you your starters. Lillie, the professor’s mysterious assistant. Hau, your friend and rival. There were also details about a Rotom being in your Pokedex I don’t know if you get this in the beginning or later on. Then we also saw that the character customization from X and Y was also going to be in Sun and Moon.

Pokémon Sun & Moon - Explore the Alola Region Trailer

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