El Somni Quas’s first Developer Diary is fun

The guys at ESQ development team has finally made their first development diary. It is not your typical developer diary. This one is quite informal, and it is great.

El Somni Quas's first Developer Diary is fun
We are used to AAA devs taking a formal approach to developer diaries, being serious and all that. The developers at ESQ Team are nothing like that. They are having fun, and you can see it. This is just great!

I think more small studios should be like that. It closes the gap between players and developers. At the same time, you get enough info to understand how the things are, where the project is at, and the devs are busy with.

So, without any further premise, here's the video:

Video greeting from team meeting.

This image gallery should satisfy your screenshot needs. And if you want to know more about the game, follow ESQ's Facebook page. Also, ESQ is on Patreon in case you want to support the game.


El Somni Quas is a new fantasy MMO with the ambition of recreating the hardcore experience of the past and combining it with modern graphics and comfort. Based on successful free to play shard Endor, the developers are taking advantage of its ruleset and economy model tuned by more than 10 years of experience.

In 2002, ESQ team started Endor. The game built on POL emulator of Ultima Online. The devs created their own world with about two hundred dungeons, 14 classes, and a very solid PvP system. Also, the economy model is stable. No inflation or anything. Endor was a huge success and works to this day, mainly as Endor Reborn.

El Somni Quas's first Developer Diary is fun
Graphics is not getting fresher, so the devs have started to work on a successor of Endor, El Somni Quas.

ESQ Team now has 6 steady members and several collaborators. Under the leadership of Jiri Wallenfels, they cooperating for years and are good friends. Also, the devs even managed to get the level designer to leave his day job and start working truly full-time on building the best of worlds.

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