Borderlands 3 Will Have Graphical Performance Options On PS4 Pro

The online & social product owner for Borderlands 3 has revealed some exciting news about the PS4 Pro version of the game. Players will have two graphical options that will allow them to choose between a 4K image & 60fps performance. Borderlands 3 is coming September 13th.
Borderlands 3 will have performance options on PS4 Pro

Borderlands 3 will have graphical performance options on PS4 Pro

In a welcome change to the norm, Borderlands 3 will offer two distinct graphical performance options for PS4 Pro owners. Speaking to the Playstation blog, Scott Velasquez, the online & social product owner for Borderlands 3 revealed that PS4 Pro owners would be able to choose between an improved framerate or increased graphical fidelity. The game can run in 4K, but will be capped at a frame rate of 30. However, if it’s that silky smooth 60fps you’re looking for, you’ll have to settle for 1080p.

Velasquez also confirmed that Borderlands 3 will support HDR in both 4K & 1080p configurations. Speaking on the subject of graphical modes, Velasquez said:

“Yes, players will be able to choose between “favour resolution” and “favour performance” on the PS4 Pro through a new setting called Graphics Preference. When “favour resolution” is selected, we aim for the highest resolution possible, capping frame-rate at 30 frames per second. In “favour performance” mode, we increase the frame-rate cap to 60 frames per second and render at 1080p.”

This is welcome news for console gamers who are looking for improved modular options in the console gaming space; options that are usually reserved for PC gamers. Borderlands 3 is not the first console game to offer the choice between fidelity & performance, but these games are few & far between. We went hands on with Borderlands 3 at E3 back in June, and came away confident that the sequel will deliver for its long-time fans.

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Borderlands 3 is just over a month away, releasing on September 13th. You can pre-order the game on PS4, Xbox One & PC.

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