Borderlands 3 Amara Build Guide

Our Borderlands 3 guide shows you how to build Amara step-by-step, to turn her into both the melee badass and an elemental goddess that will decimate anyone who stands in her way.

Borderlands 3 Amara Solo Build GuideINTRODUCTION

We already brought you builds for Zane and FL4K who we’ve made into beasts, but our Amara builds are on a different level. While she’s not as versatile like some of the other vault hunters – she’s definitely the most badass. Besides, who doesn’t want to be a class that represents some of the most powerful beings in the Borderlands universe? Well, our builds can be taken to endgame and beyond and will make her into a literal monster. So let’s sprout some spectral arms and get to kickin’! 

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Borderlands 3 - Amara Character Trailer: "Looking for a Fight"


Amara can be built in one of two effective ways – as an elemental or melee powerhouse. While high-end elemental builds can be very viable in most cases, we feel that she shines brightest when built for melee. Not only does it make Amara into a one-punch, heal-all powerhouse, but it’s also very hands-on and fun to play. As you can tell, the brawl skill tree is the main focus with mystical assault and fist of the elements being supplementary.

Borderlands 3 Amara Solo Build Guide

One-punch siren build

The build is best used with phaseslam action skill since you’ll be in enemies faces anyway most of the time. The brawl tree and the skills there are designed to slightly increase gun damage output, massively increase Amara’s melee damage and grant her insane amounts of health and health regeneration. Every time you use phaseslam, all of that will exponentially increase and even grant you additional damage reduction.

The final skill in the tree will even change her default melee into a quick dash attack. Plus, if you kill an enemy with it – the skill will have no cooldown. Solo playstyle is further boosted with her guardian angel skill which will instantly give her a second wind with full health every two minutes.

The fist of the elements tree and its two skills are there to boost your elemental status effects and melee damage while mystical assault tree skills are there to reduce skill cooldown and further boost the survivability of the build. This is accomplished with lifesteal effect of the ascendant skill as well as the soul sap augment that will heal you each time you use phaseslam. 

This Amara build offers high damage with high survivability and is fully viable for the endgame. You’ll often be up close and personal with the enemies since the more you kill them – the more of a tanky powerhouse you become. Tyreen better hide under a rock cause Amara likes to kick ass and chew bubblegum – and she’s all out of gum.


Borderlands 3 Amara Best Build Guide

As stated, an effective Amara build will either be focused on turning her into melee or an elemental powerhouse. We already made her into a one-punch siren and now it’s time to give her the power over the elements. With that being said, most of your initial skill points should be invested into the Fist of the Elements skill tree and the rest into the Mystical Assault tree. No love for the brawl tree in this one.

This Amara build will boost the damage and make every element completely viable so you can mix and match the weapons depending on the type of enemy you are facing. The build is best used with either the Deliverance or the Ties that Bind action skils. Both will help you in dispatching the enemies much faster but in different ways. The former will trigger additional elemental effects on enemies while the latter will enable you to crowd control and attack them all at once.

Borderlands 3 Amara Elemental God Build

Elemental God Build

Same as with the melee build, this one requires you to be highly aggressive seeing the main source of survivability will be the fact that Amara will heal whenever she does any kind of elemental damage. Courtesy of her Life Steal ability from Sustainment skill as well as from the Soul Sap augment.

This Amara build is also quite selfish and more geared toward solo play seeing as its benefits affect only Amara. This is completely in line with her character as she takes no prisoners and leaves the support and stuff to other characters in the party.

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