Help Real-World Research in New Borderlands 3 Mini-Game, Borderlands Science

Help Real-World Research in Borderlands 3 Mini-Game, Borderlands Science

Yesterday, Borderlands 3 released a fantastic new mini-game called Borderlands Science, giving us the opportunity to help in scientific research being done on gut health in the real world. How can we help in this endeavour? By playing an ar...

Borderlands 3 will have performance options on PS4 Pro

Borderlands 3 Will Have Graphical Performance Options On PS4 Pro

The online & social product owner for Borderlands 3 has revealed some exciting news about the PS4 Pro version of the game. Players will have two graphical options that will allow them to choose between a 4K image & 60fps performance. Border...

Apex Legends-Style Ping System Announced for Borderlands 3

New features are announced for Borderlands 3 and one of them is related to Apex Legends. Said feature is a ping system holding different options for the player to experiment with. Other features include a new mode, among others. Borderlands...

Borderlands 3 Reveals Unlockable Items Months Before Release

There're months to go before the Borderlands 3 release but already there are already things to enjoy before it. In short, unlockable items are now up for grabs. Mainly from VIP Season 1 rewards. Borderlands 3’s debut is only three mo...

Borderlands 2 may get DLC ahead of Borderlands 3’s launch

Borderlands 2 may be getting one last piece of downloadable content, which would help bridge the gap between its story and the upcoming Borderlands 3. It is rumored to release sometime during the week of E3 and will focus on Lilith. Since i...

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