Apex Legends-Style Ping System Announced for Borderlands 3

New features are announced for Borderlands 3 and one of them is related to Apex Legends. Said feature is a ping system holding different options for the player to experiment with. Other features include a new mode, among others.
Apex Legends Style Ping System Is Announced for Borderlands 3

Apex Legends Style Ping System Is Announced for Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 has a new feature and it’s related to Apex Legends. Said feature is an Apex Legends-style pinging system that will allow players to point out enemies, friends, chests, items, and more. Furthermore, the pinging system will ensure communication is in place for co-op teammates, even when voice chat is not available. According to Gearbox, whenever players ping anything in the world, a contextually relevant VO line will be played. Accordingly, the marked point will appear in the game world, as well as on the mini-map, for each player.

More than this, there will be a “full suite of accessibility options,” allowing all players to be able to enjoy the game. Another feature will allow players to toggle headbob, auto-mantling, and adjust aim assist. Additionally, there will be options to adjust coloring and text. Other than this there is the first Free-for-All Dueling mode. This will allow players to opt into a 1v1v1v1 competitive multiplayer experience. 

Gearbox will also be adding more to its ECHOcast Twitch extension. New features include the ability to allow viewers to spawn events into a streamer’s Borderlands 3 game, including Moxxi Mixer events, Badass Viewer events, and more. If you wish to find other details on the game, it can be found here


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