All Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition Owners to Receive Bonus XP Tokens

As a result of “confusion” around some of the Vault Edition’s exclusive content, Infinity Ward and Activision are granting Modern Warfare 2 players lots of bonus Double XP Tokens. This only applies to players who own or purchase the Vault Edition of the game, but should hopefully avoid any unwanted backlash surrounding the mix-up.

All Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition Owners to Receive Bonus XP TokensThe developers of Modern Warfare 2, the latest Call of Duty game in the long-running franchise, are giving extra double XP Tokens to players who currently own or purchase any version of the Vault Edition. All of these players should receive 10 hours’ worth of Double XP Tokens and 10 hours’ worth of Double Weapon XP Tokens.

This has come to pass after confusion surrounding who got a certain exclusive reward the Vault Edition promised. As confirmed in a Tweet stating: “We understand there has been some confusion about an in-game-store exclusive reward for the Vault Edition”.

The issue was that only those players who bought the $100 Vault Edition through the in-game store of a previous Call of Duty title (e.g. 2019’s Modern Warfare, or 2021’s Vanguard) were given the tokens initially. This caused uproar on various social media platforms, as players who bought the Vault Edition elsewhere felt like they were being denied something they had rightfully paid for.

Activision and Infinity Ward quickly backtracked on their decision and, as a show of good faith, opened the reward up to all current and future Vault Edition owners, regardless of how and where they purchase the game. The Tweet ended by stating: “Current owners who have not already received the Tokens should expect to see them in their account over the next 48 hours”.


Anyone who bought the standard version of Modern Warfare 2 can upgrade to the Vault Edition through an in-game purchase for $30. This will grant them access to the 10 hours of Double XP and Double Weapon XP Tokens, as well as the other edition-exclusive rewards, which include: the Red Team 141 Operator Pack (granting access to four exclusive Operators: Ghost, Soap, Farah, and Price), access to Season One Battle Pass + 50 Tier Skips, and access to the first ever Weapon Vault.

Despite releasing without many of its promised features, Modern Warfare 2 released to high praise the world over, and quickly became the fastest-selling Call of Duty ever, making $800 million in its first three days. Those missing features, as well as the long-awaited Warzone 2.0, are expected to release November 16.  

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