Call Of Duty Is Coming to Nintendo Switch

The Call of Duty franchise will hit Nintendo Switch in the future. Microsoft successfully negotiated a deal with Nintendo, and the upcoming titles delivered by, for example, Activision Blizzard will be playable also on Nintendo Switch and its potential successor. It will not be the first time Call of Duty is heading to a handheld, but this attempt seems more ambitious.

Call Of Duty Is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Microsoft has signed a ten-year legal agreement with Nintendo. The deal ensures that titles like Call of Duty by Activision Blizzard will drop on Nintendo Switch. Microsoft’s vice chair and the president announced the news on his Twitter account on February 21. He stressed such a decision is a part of Microsoft’s endeavor to deliver their games to as many players as possible.

By all means, Nintendo has never focused on titles like Call of Duty. Phenomenal plumber Mario, or the Legend of Zelda franchise have been the company’s flagship for decades. However, Microsoft showed interest in bringing their games to other players who prefer Nintendo Switch and might also prefer its successor in the future. Therefore, the goal of bringing Call of Duty to Nintendo devices does not look that far-fetched from neither side.

Official Launch Trailer | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

From Nintendo’s point of view, it is not that surprising either. For example, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or Life is Strange are not typical Switch games, but they work on the handheld console. People simply found their way to them. Of course, Microsoft plan to introduce other series to Nintendo players, too

Still, Brad Smith claims the games will be the same as those coming to Xbox or PlayStation. Moreover, they should launch on the same date. It is true that Nintendo have already had Call of Duty titles on one of their devices; however, we are speaking here about simplified versions. The news about Nintendo and Microsoft’s future collaboration sounds promising, yet its form is bound by the result of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The anti-monopoly efforts have prevented the purchase to be completed.

SOURCE: Microsoft’s president’s Tweet

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