Akuma Teased for Street Fighter V. Full Reveal in December

Akuma will be added to Street Fighter V in the next season of DLC. Revealed at Red Bull Battle Grounds, this new teaser shows off his iconic Super, and also hints at this version of Akuma being a bit different than what fans might have been expecting.

Akuma Teased for Street Fighter V. Full Reveal in December
Fan-favorite villain Akuma was teased as DLC for Street Fighter V during this year's Red Bull Battle Grounds. This will make Akuma the first fighter to kick off this new season, after the final DLC character for SFV Season 1, Urien, was released in September.

The teaser shows Akuma performing his signature "Raging Demon" Super on what looks like a revamped version of his Street Fighter 3: Third Strike stage. Capcom then promises that this new Akuma will be playable at this year's PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, December 3-4. This is also the site of the Capcom Cup, the final event of the Capcom Pro Tour.

Clever fans pointed out that the kanji appearing on Akuma's back is actually the character of Shin Akuma, a boss character in one of Street Fighter's many crossover titles. Below is an art of Shin Akuma from Capcom vs SNK 2.

Shin Akuma from "Capcom vs SNK 2"
The majority of Street Fighter V's returning characters were given redesigns, that adds a bit of credence to the idea that this upcoming character will not just be your standard Akuma.

While nothing official was said about the second season pass pricing, the first one sold for $30, while the six DLC characters were individually priced at around $6 of in-game currency.

Although for many fans, money will likely be no object for the return of the Satsui no Hado.

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