Compete in Street Fighter V AE with Red Bull Conquest

Get ready to throw punches in the all new Red Bull Conquest tournament heading to the United States starting in April! From April 28th to November 18th you can have a chance to claim victory in several official SFVAE tournaments strewn across the United States!

Compete in Street Fighter V Arcade Edition with Red Bull Conquest
Street Fighter V Arcade Edition is one of the hottest topics in fighting games recently due to the poor launch of the vanilla SFV, but Capcom isn't willing to let this version go unattended, and for good reason – this title is polished and refined far beyond its predecessor. And with their longstanding partnership with Red Bull Esports, Capcom is ensuring that this title won't fall by the wayside. Street Fighter V Arcade Edition has been announced today as one of the headlining games in the upcoming Red Bull Conquest Tournaments, a set of regional tournaments across the United States which will take place starting April 28th and will last for about 8 months ending November 18th of this year.

The tournament is set to feature other high-level fighting games such as TEKKEN 7 and Guilty Gear Xrd REV2. This is big news for SFVAE, as it is trying to wash away the doubt put in players by the less-than-stellar launch of SFV. The tournament was announced earlier today via a tweet by CapcomFighters, the official twitter of the Capcom Pro Tour.

Competitor Registration is now open to the public and the Washington DC spectator tickets are now on sale! These are available via the official Red Bull Esports site for the tournament. Are you hyped to compete in these tournament and claim a stake in fighting game history? Or are you thrilled to see high-level competitors thrash each other in heated combat?