Street Fighter V Season Five Adds Dan Hibiki

Capcom has released a major update for the latest entry to their popular fighting title franchise Street Fighter V with Season Five, which introduces a brand new character called Dan Hibiki. Players will also have the option of using the "V-Shift" mechanic during their fights to provide them with different defensive strategies and access to "The Grid Alternative", a new training stage. Capcom also outlined their plans for the rest of the Season Five pass.

Street Fighter V Season Five Adds Dan Hibiki

Capcom released a patch for Street Fighter V Season Five yesterday that brought with it the introduction of a brand new playable character called Dan Hibiki.

Hibiki last appeared in Street Fighter IV and is very much reminiscent of the style of Ryu and Ken in the way he handles and his backstory confirms that with the developers pointing out that he is a ” …training partner for Ryu and Ken and self-proclaimed ‘Master of Saikyo’ fighting techniques”. 

The character is available now for those who have the Street Fighter V Season Five Character or Premium Pass.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition – Dan Gameplay Trailer

Apart from Hibiki however, the new DLC will give players access to a new defensive maneuver called the “V-Shift”. The “V-Shift” is a move that costs one bar of the character’s V-Gauge and will allow the player to slow down time if done at the right moment, giving them a chance to make a comeback from an otherwise losing fight.

Additionally, players will now be able to gain free access to “The Grid Alternative”, a new stage to try out their moves before the real fight, while there are also other smaller additions to come with this first update for Street Fighter V Season Five.


But if fans of the arcade franchise think this was impressive, then they’re in for a lot more as yesterday’s update was only a small taste of what Capcom has in store for Street Fighter V Season Five.

In total, there are plans for 26 new costumes, two new stages and four new characters by the end of the season. As for who those characters will be?

Rose is expected to be introduced to the game next spring, with Oro coming up next a few months later and Akira a bit later (summer 2021). The name of the fifth and final character remains unknown. The two new stages will be based on Rose and Akira and will be introduced alongside the characters.

Street Fighter V Season Five's DLC Roadmap

Street Fighter V Season Five’s DLC Roadmap

For players that want to jump into action right now, there are two available Street Fighter V Season Five passes available: the Champion Pass and the Premium Pass.

Both come with all five seasons, five characters and costume colors 3-10, exclusive PlayStation 4 themes and backgrounds, and bonus character Eleven who can transform into any other currently owned character, however, the Premium Pass comes with two new stages, more fighting money and more costume colors for season five characters. 

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC. The Arcade Edition of the game is also available.

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