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Street Fighter V ‘Is Not Fun,’ Says Pro Player

A famed top Japanese pro player recently expressed his disappointment over Street Fighter V for being stale and unexciting to both skilled players and newcomers.

Street Fighter V ‘Is Not Fun,’ Says Pro Player
Daigo “The Beast Umehara,” who won a plethora of fighting games but is most known for winning countless Street Fighter competitions, said Street Fighter V lacks enough strategic choices, thus, each competition for him has become mundane. Speaking to Shoryuken, Umehara said his “wish list” for Street Fighter V would include having more viable strategic play.

The overall impression I get from this game: every competition, every match, tends to finish in the same style – no matter who is playing; whether they’re a veteran or a newcomer, skilled player or not, there’s no variation,” said Umehara. “And that’s, you know, not exciting. As a player it’s not fun, and I’m not sure if it’s not fun for viewers either; so, what I would like to see – if I could request anything – then I would like to see something to allow a wider range of strategy, more choices which players are allowed to make, so each player’s characteristics could shine in the game.”

At present, Street Fighter V is limping in sales as Capcom’s latest financial results show that the game has only shipped 1.7 million since March 2017. In retrospect, Capcom shipped 1.4 million units in March 2016.

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