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Roundup of EVO 2022 Announcements - Tekken - Cover

Roundup of EVO 2022 Announcements

EVO 2022 marks the official return of one of the world's most prestigious fighting game events. Amidst the triumph and heartbreaking defeat, several games announced new DLCs and titles! Guilty Gear, T...

Street Fighter V Adds New Character Dan Hibiki cover

Street Fighter V Season Five Adds Dan Hibiki

Capcom has released a major update for the latest entry to their popular fighting title franchise Street Fighter V with Season Five, which introduces a brand new character called Dan Hibiki. Players w...

Street Fighter 5 New Characters And Lead Producer Departure

Street Fighter 5 Season 5 Will Add Fan Favorite Characters

Street Fighter 5 just had a rollercoaster of a week, with new characters getting announced and a lead developer departing Capcom. Game director Nakayama-san was joined by producer Matsumoto-san for St...

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Compete in Street Fighter V AE with Red Bull Conquest

Get ready to throw punches in the all new Red Bull Conquest tournament heading to the United States starting in April! From April 28th to November 18th you can have a chance to claim victory in severa...

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Street Fighter V ‘Is Not Fun,’ Says Pro Player

A famed top Japanese pro player recently expressed his disappointment over Street Fighter V for being stale and unexciting to both skilled players and newcomers. Daigo “The Beast Umehara,”...

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Akuma Teased for Street Fighter V. Full Reveal in December

Akuma will be added to Street Fighter V in the next season of DLC. Revealed at Red Bull Battle Grounds, this new teaser shows off his iconic Super, and also hints at this version of Akuma being a bit ...

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Street Fighter V – summer skins and Juri news

Street Fighter V players will have to master a new hero soon as Capcom has announced Juri, a returning character from Street Fighter IV. Apart from the new fighter, the company also announced a bunch ...

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Balrog joins Street Fighter V roster this Friday

Capcom's new trailer reveals Balrog in all his glory. The boxer arrives in Street Fighter V this Friday, on July 1. Capcom‘s new trailer reveals Balrog, the latest addition to Street Fighter V&#...

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Play as Tracer in… Street Fighter V

Being able to trick time, Tracer has appeared in the Street Fighter V universe. The design is made on a high level. Everything's very detailed, and you have a few additional tints to play with. Being ...

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