Mass Effect 2 – How to Peacefully Resolve the Tali and Legion Fight

How can you peacefully resolve the Tali and Legion fight whilst keeping both their loyalty? This quick guide is here to tell you. Pulling this off takes A LOT of morality points and keen timing, easily sneaking up on the unprepared.

Mass Effect 2 - How to Peacefully Resolve the Tali and Legion Fight cover

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out in full swing. With it comes to those crucial scenes where you need massively high Paragon or Renegade points to get the best outcome, the fight between Tali and Legion is one of them. Starting after Legion’s caught ready to send information regarding the Quarian fleet to the other Geth, a crucial argument occurs; a wrong response results in you losing the loyalty of one of the two. Without that loyalty, they’re more likely to die in the climatic suicide mission. 

The key to making both Tali and Legion happy is timing and morality points. First, the fight only occurs in the first place following Legion’s loyalty mission if you’ve already completed Tali’s, and only then if you choose not to submit evidence that proves her father’s guilt. Second, the only conversational options that keep the loyalty of both are those which require either your Renegade or Paragon point bar to be almost full. Otherwise, those essential responses will be blocked out, and you’ll have to pick a reply that loses the loyalty of one of the squadmates. 

Because of such a high morality cost, the best way to ensure you meet the renegade/paragon quota is that you save Tali’s loyalty mission for second to last, before Legion’s loyalty mission after acquiring the Reaper IFF. This goes hand in hand that you also need a high morality score to unlock the best options at Tali’s trial for the ideal outcome at the end of her loyalty mission too. Keeping all this in mind, it’s essential that whichever play style you’re leaning towards throughout the game, be it more Paragon or Renegade, you stick and it and don’t mix between the two. For example, if you’re going with Paragon, only choose those conversational options. Filling up either morality bar will take you close to most of the game, so mixing the two up will mean you definitely won’t have the points you need to unlock either option. 

Tali and Legion Fight (all outcomes, follow ups)

Alternatively, after you might lose the loyalty of either your favourite geth or quarian, there is a way to get it back. However, you’ll have to act quickly. Right after the dispute, before you take on any other missions, talk to the squad mate you didn’t side with. In this additional frosty conversation, there’s another Paragon/Renegade option that will earn that loyalty back. Compared to the initial argument, it only requires a morality bar that’s around 70-75% filled.

Be that as it may, it’s still far better to just hold off Tali’s loyalty mission until hers is the only one left amongst your team (except for Legion’s). That key point goes along with the fact that you should only play pure Renegade or Paragon, whichever kind of Mass Effect 2 playthrough suits you best. And that’s how you can peacefully diffuse the fight between Tali and Legion. Congratulations! 

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