Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gets a Super Buggy Launch

Amid strong anticipation for a seamless Mass Effect Legendary Edition launch, technical issues involving glitches arise. Although more technical hiccups are expected to be discovered down the line, current knowledge on the subject is already abundant. Meanwhile, not every bug in-game is shunned by many, as one, being so unintentionally benevolent, is openly embraced.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gets a Super Buggy Launch

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is finally out, but with it also comes an exceedingly buggy launch.

Many who think that making a leap from the original to the remastered edition will experience a smooth transition are in for a disappointment. The game is actually not as smooth as many would anticipate, especially for a polished version of already established games.

While there’s already plenty to list, the most common occurrences revolve around faulty animations with in-game characters. Such as the antagonist acting erratically on occasions, particularly during movement. Another common bug, which comes soon enough from the start, involves the player suddenly losing their weapon, but still acts like it’s there.

The glitches, while can be funny, are quite atrocious to look at when they exist. In fact, more so true with the high expectation of any of the games not having any.

"Everyone looks at us like we’re freaks just because we have biotics." No other reasons. from masseffect

However, not all quirks about the Legendary Edition are unwelcome. There is still that one persistent bug that many players are more than delighted to have than want fixed. That is, the method of getting an infinite amount of paragon/renegade points by simply spamming conversations with a specific NPC.

How about your experience with Mass Effect Legendary Edition? What kind of bugs, if there’s any, did you encounter? Comment below to let us know.

Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition Official Reveal Trailer (4K)

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  1. I have a little over 40 hours in game and have had several of the bugs issued below:
    Game crashes
    In ME2, none of the NPCs or doors show up
    Enemies T-pose while fighting
    Entire sections of planets are barren wastelands (ME1) and the only thing that spawns is the building.
    There are more but I can’t think of them right now.


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