Mass Effect 2: How to Save the Whole Normandy Crew

How do you save the whole Normandy crew towards the end of Mass Effect 2? If you don't head to the final suicide mission with the right timing, you can horrifyingly lose half or the whole of your crew. Here's how to save them all.

Mass Effect 2 - How to Save the Whole Normandy Crew main

The consequence of mistiming your rescue of the Normandy crew in Mass Effect 2 first hit me hard like a ton of metaphorical bricks. Instead of choosing to go through the Omega 4 Relay after the Collectors abducted everyone on the ship, I chose to take more time to prepare. By the time I got there, half my crew, including favourite space secretary, Kelly Chambers, were processed into Human Reaper paste-fuel. It’s a cutscene that’s still uneasy on the eyes.

Like when you’re trying to peacefully resolve the Tali and Legion fight, saving the entirety of the Normandy Crew is all about timing. When you complete the mission in retrieving the Reaper IFF, what’s essentially an in-game ticking clock will start. Once it counts down and you access the Galaxy Map, a cutscene starts where you and your squadmates go off on a mission.

Then, the Collectors come and abduct the crew. In said Reaper IFF mission, you’ll obtain geth squad member, Legion, and activate him (because why wouldn’t you). Whilst EDI is installing said IFF, you’ll be allowed to do at least one more mission before we cut to the Normandy kidnappings. This is the perfect time to do Legion’s loyalty mission, as this is the only time you’ll be able to earn said geth’s allegiance pre-Collector Base if you want to rescue the entire crew. 

So, in summary, before you get the Reaper IFF, make sure you complete all loyalty missions (except Legion’s, obviously) and any other side missions or assignments. However, you’ll still have time to do one more mission before the Collectors snatch your humble Normandy employees away, but that’s it. Doing at least one more mission after the crew’s abducted means half of them will die. In fact, if you end up taking on at least four more missions after the crew’s abducted before going through the Omega 4 Relay, then all of them will perish – except for Dr. Chakwas, who won’t be afraid to tell you off. If you went in pursuit of your shipmates and their captors immediately, you’d have saved them all. Congratulations!

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Video by Big Dan Gaming.