Immortals: Fenyx Rising – Trophies & Achievements List

This essential achievements list will help you become the hero of Greek mythology you’ve always dreamed of being. As Fenyx, help save the gods of Olympus from the dreaded Titan, Typhon. Dawn your helmet and pick up your sword, it’s time to earn your place in the pantheon of hero’s.

immortals Fenyx Rising trophies & achievements list - title imageLive your own odyssey in this cartoonish open world game, inspired by the hero’s, gods and monsters of Greek mythology. To help you achieve 100% completion, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Immortal: Fenyx Rising achievements. Our list includes everything you need to know about the game’s 51 achievements and how to unlock them.

Keep in mind, some unlock requirement descriptions may contain spoilers; read at your discretion.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising Trophies & Achievements 

Trophy/Achievement Title Unlock Requirement 
The End  Obtain every trophy/achievement in the game
Mission Complete  Defeat Typhon 
Armed and Dangerous  Fully upgrade everything at the Forge of Hephaestus 
Fenyx the Horseman  Tame all mounts 
To Good Health Fully upgrade you health 
Ornithology  Acquire all Phoenix skins 
Wing Nut  Acquire all wings 
Who’s the Boss? Defeat the Mythical Monster bosses 
Hades’s New Neighbour  Complete 25 Vaults of Tartarus 
Servant to the Gods  Complete the gods’ side quest lines 
More than Twelve Labours  Complete 36 tasks from Hermes’s Heroic Task Board 
Fully Charged  Fully upgrade you Stamina 
Last Hero Standing  Defeat all Wraiths in their lairs
The Giving Tree Meet Aphrodite 
Big Chicken  Meet Ares 
The Iron Giant  Meet Hephaestus 
Sassy, Lost Child  Meet Athena 
God of War Complete Ares’s Questline 
Goddess of Wisdom  Complete Athena’s Questline
Messenger of the Gods Complete Hermes’s Questline 
Goddess of Love  Complete Aphrodite’s Questline 
God of the Forge  Complete Hephaestus’s Questline 
Brother Battle  Defeat Ligyron 
Logs and Monsters  Chop down 100 large trees 
Birds-eye View  Unfog the whole map 
Tippy-Top Reach the highest point on the island 
The Floor is Lava  Glide a total of 1,000 meters in one go 
Oceancookie  Tame an Epic mount 
Among the Stars  Solve a Constellation Myth Challenge 
Projectile Pro Defeat a flying enemy with any thrown object
C-C-C Combo  Reach the final Combo stage 
Your Own Medicine  Defeat an enemy with their own projectile 
It’s A Bird! Perform a 25 hit combo while in the air
Look, No Hands! Defeat 10 enemies using traps inside the Vaults of Tartarus 
Wraithless in Battle  Defeat a Wraith 
Don’t Shoot the Messenger  Meet Hermes 
Shard Miner  Destroy 10 Shard Clusters 
Moonlight Treasure  Open a Night Chest 

Good Luck, Hero!

There you have it! We hope this Immortals: Fenyx Rising achievements list helps you get the most out of this mythological jaunt into the age of hero’s. There’s a good variety of achievements to unlock, including completing quests, defeating bosses and the typical item collecting common to Ubisoft titles.

Immortals Fenyx Rising - Official Story Trailer

Immortals: Fenyx Rising is available on PS4/5, XB1/X, Switch and PC.

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