Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC, Announces Three Expansions

Ubisoft has announced new Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC that will be coming post-launch. In three paid expansions, players can take on new areas with some brand new heroes, while also enjoying free content updates such as in-game events, weekly challenges for dungeons and daily quests.

Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC, Announces Three Expansions

True to form, Ubisoft has revealed the roadmap for Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC post-launch. The game will be getting three expansions, featuring new heroes and areas to explore. The first expansion, titled A New God, will see Fenyx take on the Trial of the Olympians “to join the Inner Circle of the Pantheon”. While we don’t know exactly what this means, we do know players will be exploring the Olympus Palace area in this DLC.

However, you can expect even bigger changes in the Myths of the Eastern Realm expansion. Players will meet a new hero, Ku, for the first time, in a tale set in Chinese Mythology. Ku will have a new fighting style and abilities completely different from Fenyx’s, making this expansion an entirely new gameplay experience.

Each DLC Expansion will add an entirely new area for players to explore

Each DLC Expansion will add an entirely new area for players to explore

The third expansion will also feature a new hero; Ash will be the protagonist of The Lost Gods, which will take place on a new island. Ash has been chosen by Fenyx to find the lost gods and to bring them back. This adventure will add a new brawler combat system, making combat brand new all over again.

Players will be able to experience all of these expansions through the Season Pass, which also includes its own bonus quest: When the Road Gets Rocky. Players will join forces with Hermes to tackle this adventure. This quest will be available at launch on December 3, before any Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC even releases. The Season Pass is included in the game’s Gold Edition.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Post Launch & Season Pass | WIP Gameplay Capture Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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