How To Rank Up Fast In Modern Warfare

Want to rank up faster in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare so you can start working on officer ranks? Here's a comprehensive guide on how to do so. Covering mission challenges, gametypes, and tips to help you on your race to max level.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has officially released. Similar to previous games, there’s a ton of new features that have been added. With that comes learning how to level up faster to unlock all the best new weapons and perks. There’s many ways to rank up faster that you may not know or have slipped past you while playing. Things such as mission challenges, playing the campaign for XP tokens and best game modes will all be covered in this guide. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to rank up fast in Modern Warfare as quick as possible to start working on your officer ranks.

1. Remember To Activate Mission Challenges

Modern Warfare introduces Mission Challenges, a new way of getting rewards in multiplayer

Modern Warfare introduces Mission Challenges, a new way of getting rewards in multiplayer.

Mission challenges are essential to rank up in Modern Warfare multiplayer. They allow you to earn bonus XP as well as charms, camos, and different cosmetics for your weapons. Some of them are a bit challenging compared to other and it might be best to knock out the ones that fit your play style and come back to the harder ones later. Always make sure to check after every match to make sure you have one active that you’re working towards. Daily challenges are available too.

2. Double XP Codes

Modern Warfare Double XP

Modern Warfare Double XP

Much like previous years, Modern Warfare announced a partnership with Mountain Dew and Doritos that allows you to get Double XP to rank up in Modern Warfare. You can find these on specially marked bags on Doritos, thankfully cool ranch is part of this promotion. As well as Mountain Dew and Mountain Dew energy drinks. Be sure to be aware that this only caps out at one hour per day and 40 hours max. It might only be worth getting about two days of double XP as there is no prestige mode in this years game. Codes can be redeemed on the official site.

3. Play Objective Based Game Modes

Objective Game modes provide a great source of XP especially when paired with Double XP

Objective Game modes provide a great source of XP especially when paired with Double XP

This one should be obvious to most fans of the series as objective based game modes have always rewarded more XP than modes such as Team Deathmatch and Free For All. Ground War is a lot of fun for fans of the Battlefield games but are fairly long matches. Search and Destroy is pretty fun this year as well as the new mode Cyber Attack. Just remember to complete objectives to get the max amount of XP. Defending flags, getting multi-kills, and just overall good performance will get you the most out of your matches. Pair these matches with your double xp and you’re looking at extremely fast leveling!

4. Play the Campaign to Earn XP Tokens

Campaign Mode rewards XP tokens, and Operators for Multiplayer

Campaign Mode rewards XP tokens, and Operators for Multiplayer

If you’ve never played a Call of Duty campaign, you’re in for a treat. While I haven’t personally finished it yet, this is probably the best campaign in a really long time. The cinematics are a sight to behold and the story plays out in a very realistic setting compared to previous games with some throwbacks to the past. Completing missions will reward you with XP tokens you can use in multiplayer matches. 

5. Gun Fight 

Gun Fight is a quick way to get XP and have fun

Gun Fight is a quick way to get XP and have fun

If you don’t like objective based game modes, Gun Fight is a ton of fun. The rounds are quick and give a very good amount of XP. The maps are also really small and fun to play on. It’s a fast paced experience for those not too happy with the slow paced gameplay of the regular multiplayer. 

So there’s 5 tips on how to rank up in Modern Warfare multiplayer! Remember, this year prestige mode is gone so the Max Rank will be 55 and after that a surprise will be waiting for you. I won’t spoil it but will say it’s a pretty neat change to the system. So how’s your level grinding going so far? What rank have you hit? Let us know in the comments below!

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james rod

Save Xp tokens for when u really need them. Do your trials and play verdansk 2v2 on stadium…I got 7 levels on that in 60 minutes and i was on 96 now im 103


definitely gun fight mode is the best, u gain xp fairly quickly and its hell fun to play, also since everyone randoms the same weapons with same attachments every 2 rounds, u can just kill with whatever u get and naturally lv. up those weapons too even if u havent unlocked them for loadouts yet, later when u go to regular multiplayer modes, all your guns are already like lvl between 10-20.

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