5 Things We Want in Modern Warfare Season 2

Season 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer is in full swing with the return of Rust and Ghost! Here are 5 things we want in to be added to the new season, from more classic maps to an official ranked mode. A Battle Royale mode is already rumored with more on the way soon.

5 Things We Want In Modern Warfare Season 2

Modern Warfare Season 2 has begun and with it comes the return of the iconic franchise legend, Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley. Rust has also returned, as well as the UMP-45 from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. A bunch of new content is on the way, giving players refreshing experiences and a good flow of content. Players will find themselves at level 55 once again and you’ll probably want to check out our guide on how to level up fast. Here are 5 things we want to see in Modern Warfare Season 2.

1. More Classic Modern Warfare Trilogy Maps

Classic Modern Warfare Trilogy Maps

More Classic Modern Warfare Trilogy Maps would be a great addition to the season

Rust, Shipment, and Crash are great to have back in their former glory. The current pattern so far of classic maps being added to the game is nice but it’d be great to see fan-favorite classic maps added more frequently. Modern Warfare launched to a lot of harsh criticism towards its map design and lack of original maps. Maps such as Favela, Afghan, Highrise, and so much more would be great additions. They’re even designed well enough to work with the way the current gunplay in the game is and would be a ton of fun to revisit.

A voting system would be a good way to get the community involved in choices for returning maps and would help bring the developers closer to the players. Classic maps would be fun for the community and are one of the top things we want in Season 2.

2. Battle Royale

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 introduced Blackout. A fresh take on the growing Battle Royale genre that was met with a lot of positive reception. Modern Warfare launched without a successor to Blackout, but it’s heavily rumored that one is on the way. Call of Duty just works so well with Battle Royale and Modern Warfare, just like Blackout, would most likely be well received with a Battle Royale mode.

It could feature classic Modern Warfare trilogy locations as well as some from Modern Warfare (2019)’s campaign. It’d be a huge thing to launch against the upcoming Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 and could bring some interesting competition. Battle Royale is the number one thing most fans are hoping to see in Modern Warfare Season 2. 

3. Spec Ops Rework 

Modern Warfare Spec Ops

Modern Warfare’s Spec Ops mode is due for a rework

Spec Ops is one of the most disappointing modes in Modern Warfare (2019) and it’d be great to see it improved upon in Modern Warfare Season 2. The older games had brilliant missions that took place during the moments in the campaign and had a ton of replay value.

This time around the missions were very similar to that of GTA Online‘s heists and were a bit too difficult and frustrating for the average player. The level of difficulty didn’t even really reward players that used strategic approaches. Instead, it brought in bullet-sponge bosses and a lack of checkpoints that forced players to start the missions from the beginning if even the simplest mistake was made.

4. SBMM Removal 

Skill Based Matchmaking

SBMM Removal would allow for refreshing experiences

Skill Based Matchmaking has been a very controversial subject in gaming as of recently. Modern Warfare has been at the top of the discussions for its division of players of different skill levels. Unlike past Call of Duty‘s where you could “pubstomp” noobs all-day, you’re now matched with players of your skill level. While yes, this prevents newer players from being frustrated and quitting due to playing against way better players than them, it takes away the randomness of lobbies that made the older games so much fun.

The removal of this cursed feature could see a lot of frustrated players come back and prevent the need to reverse boost into lobbies with more nooby players. Skill Based Matchmaking is something that belongs in a dedicated ranked mode, which Modern Warfare currently does not have. 

5. League Play/ Ranked Mode

Call of Duty Ranked/Call of Duty League

Ranked mode could give players a chance to work their way to becoming a pro

With the start of the inaugural Call of Duty League Season, ranked mode in Modern Warfare is needed now more than ever. Games such as Fortnite have in-game tournaments that allow amateur players to rise to the top. Of course without the need of paying for things such as team passes, travel costs, and more. A ranked mode could give competitors a chance to compete against players at their skill level for prizes. It could also, of course, bring way more replayability as players would want to improve.

So here’s our list of 5 things we want to see in Modern Warfare Season 2. What are some things you’d like? Any maps or guns you’d like to come back? Let us know in the comments below!

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