5 Major Changes in Modern Warfare’s Season 3 Update

Infinity Ward has released its final content drop for Modern Warfare Season 3, and it's enormous. Classic Ghost returns with the massive update, containing everything from new maps to operator packs and balance fixes for both multiplayer and Warzone.

5 Major Changes in Modern Warfare's Season 3 Update

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has received its final major update for Season 3. The update boasts a whopping file size with 30GB for Xbox One, 26GB on PC, and 20GB on PlayStation 4. 

Alongside several bug fixes and tweaks, Infinity Ward has made multiple changes to Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer and Warzone.

First up are the new additions to the games store including the Ghost Pack: Contingency and Trickshot bundles. Both packs include two weapon blueprints, a knife, weapon charm, and calling card cosmetics. The Ghost Pack, however, also includes a classic skin for Ghost along with an execution and voice line.

The update adds two new maps: Hardhat and Aisle 9, with Hardhat being a recreation of the original MW3 map. Aisle 9 is currently playable on Mosh Pit modes, but will eventually be moved to Gunfight.

Everyone’s favorite new pistol, the Renetti, has seen a significant nerf. Not only has the reserved ammo been reduced from 120 to 75, but the damage on burst rounds has been decreased. Further changes include decreased damage and accuracy when the pistol is equipped with the Akimbo perk. 

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone - Season 3 Trailer

Onto the Warzone changes; the marketplace Shield Turret has been replaced by an Armor Crate. The Shield Turret is still available via looting but is no longer purchasable from vendors. Armour Crates will refill each squad member’s armor supply to full, including those holding Armor Satchels, and costs $6000.

The final and most exciting change comes in the form of the secret bunkers hidden around Verdansk. Players can finally pillage those illusive bunkers by finding an ultra-rare keycard. Inside, players will find a plethora of rare and legendary supply boxes. Surprisingly, upon reaching the end of the bunker, players are met with a second but ultimately blocked doorway. 

That concludes the updates for Modern Warfare Season 3 with just a hint of what Infinity Ward has planned.

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