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How to Earn Coins in FIFA 22 FUT

In FIFA Ultimate Team, it doesn't matter if you are new or experienced, you will need coins to play and this guide will tell you how to earn them. Have you ever thought, "wow I need that Ronaldo card, but I can't afford it, how can I earn coins fast in FIFA 22?", now you won't need to anymore. Just follow some of these methods, tips, and tricks you will know how to become a millionaire.

How to earn coins in FIFA 22 FUT coverFIFA Ultimate Team is a game of gambling, bidding, and strategizing, and for that, you need a bunch of coins. However, they are not easy to get, and it’s even harder to do if you are new to the game; as the players that picked up the game free from PS plus will be. That is why this guide will teach you how to earn coins in FIFA 22

However, not everyone has the same amount of time or resources to invest into the game. So, the guide will first explain how to earn coins fast for people with no time and then for people with time to spare.

How to earn coins in FIFA 22 if you are a casual player

These methods are for those casual players who don’t want to play every weekend league or division rivals match. Yet, anyone can use them, as they are some of the most effective ones in the game.

The bronze and silver pack method

This is a great, simple way to make fast coins, but it is still one of the most underrated ones. You just basically need to:

  1. Load up Ultimate Team, head on to the store, and enter
  2. Go to the “Classic packs” section
  3. Buy as many premium bronze and silver packs as you can
  4. List all of the items you get from the pack (that can be listed) in the market

Now you just have to wait and hope they sell! This method is very effective, as players use bronze and silver cards for a lot of Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). For example, the Marquee Matchups SBCs always ask for bronze and silver specific players, and they are released a lot during the year.  Yet, it is the most useful at the beginning of the game, when these challenges ask for lower-tier players.

Play squad battles and division rivals

This might sound stupid, but playing earns you easy, fast coins (and most people don’t do it). A few matches a week of each game mode will qualify you to earn very good rewards at the end of the week (Thursday for rivals and Sunday for squad battles). If you play some matches (like 5-10 each week) you will get some good packs and a lot of coins.

Gold 1 gets you some pretty sweet rewards, such as an assured TOTS and good coins

Gold 1 gets you some pretty sweet rewards, such as an assured TOTS and good coins

Even if you pack some bad players you can get a very good amount of coins just by playing and climbing ranks. Furthermore, if you have bad pack luck you can always sell what you got for a good profit, it is essentially free money.

Get and use coin boosts

Coin boosts are basically multipliers for the coins you get for playing a FUT match. These are great, especially when paired with the last advice, as you will get close to 1200-2000 coins per match if you win; while, otherwise, you would get 750. Also, getting these boosts is completely free and can be obtained by completing different objectives. In earlier FIFAs you could also get this by purchasing it with points gained from playing any game mode, but EA has removed that option for FIFA 22.

You can get free coin boosts by completing daily and seasonal objectives (Photo by Noticiasrcn)

You can get free coin boosts by completing daily and seasonal objectives (Photo by Noticiasrcn)

However, you should always do a little search within objectives to see if you can complete any that provides coin boosts; then focus solely on completing it (while also gaining more coins in the process). Nonetheless, it is true that this method only works if you play FUT games regularly, as if you don’t play you don’t get extra coins.

Look for special free packs and claim them if you can

EA usually drops quite a bunch of special, free packs in collaboration with other companies. Some examples are the Prime Twitch pack or the Play Station Plus free pack. Also, EA releases some of them continuously, such as the Twitch Prime Pack, which releases once a month. These are great packs to get some decent players for free and sell them for a good bunch of coins. Yet, there is a catch, and it is that you will need a subscription to Amazon or Twitch Prime, or PS Plus to get these packs. As such, it will most likely be worth it only to those who already have said subscriptions. Although no one will stop you from buying the subscription just for FIFA packs.

Especial subscription-based packs come with some good player picks and decent rewards

Especial subscription-based packs come with some good player picks and decent rewards

How to earn coins in FIFA 22 if FIFA is your life

These are more time-consuming tactics, but they are the ones that will get you the most amount of profit for sure. You can make millions of coins if you do these strategies correctly, but they are more complex and risky. 


The ultimate tip from every existing FIFA account since Ultimate Team started. Trading is probably the most complex mechanic to pull off in the game, but it can make you millions. For those who haven’t still seen those posts, trading is basically flipping cards as you would do with shares from companies. You would have to buy certain players for a low price, then wait for them to rise and sell them. You can do this with any kind of budget and at any stage of the game, so it is pretty effective. However, it is also quite complicated and there are a lot of different strategies you can follow, so let’s check some of them:

Buy cheap meta players

This method is usually done at the beginning of every FIFA game; as it is when players buy these OP players to become better and better. Yet, it can work all the way to the end of the game, as there are always cheap OP options in the market. The method is pretty easy to do too, as you just need to look to see who are the most OP players and search for them in the market. Then, use the filters to look for the cheapest options and build an idea of what the average price is. Use the filters to search for players below this average and buy as many as you can. Finally, remember that average price and sell your cards for it, or even more if prices are up.

How to make 100,000 Coins Per Day in FIFA 22!

(Video by MattHDGamer on how to earn coins in FIFA 22)

Buy cheap silvers

This method works very similarly to the one explained before; but rather than looking for meta players, you must search for silvers. This method will probably be much cheaper, as silvers are lower-rated cards, and you can pair it with the silver pack method for greater success. It mostly works when they are required for an SBC.

Player cards in the market vary in price very often, so you can make a profit if you buy the correct ones before their price raises

Player cards in the market vary in price very often, so you can make a profit if you buy the correct ones before their price raises

Buy high-rated fooders and low-rated special cards

High-rated fodders are basically cards with very high ratings (85 and above) but that are not meta. Due to their low pace, stats, weird body type, or even position, players don’t use them. As such, they are dumped into SBCs to get better cards or packs. In the same way, players need special cards (such as TOTW) to complete some SBCs. Yet, they will drop the lower-rated, unusable, cheap ones. Players will always need for SBCs, so they are always going to be sold, and you can get a very big profit from them. So, buying and stacking both types of cards from time to time is very profitable.

Search for new or leaked SBCs and their requirements

SBCs usually change the price of a lot of cards (such as fooders or special cards); as they are basically puzzles that the players need to fill with specific cards. This method is very simple, you just have to check which SBCs are up and their requirements. Then, just buy as many required-like cards as you can and sell them for a profit. People will buy them, as most SBCs are truly worth it. You can do the same thing with leaked SBCs if you wish to speculate with rumors, but these are way riskier. Also, always remember to check your club, as you may have some of the needed types of cards and don’t know it yet.

Some extra trading tips

  1. Try to buy cards on Sunday evening or Monday morning. It is when players will be tilted, thus selling their FUT champions team without thinking. Also, it is when Squad Battles rewards are available, so the market will be flooded. 
  2. Try to sell cards on Thursday evening. It is when players will be excited for the start of FUT champions and will try to buy a lot.
  3. Be aware of players’ and teams’ live performances. A hat-trick on a major league may increase the price of upgradable cards (like OTW); as well as a team’s great run can affect the prices of RTTF or Headliners cards of said team. Also, the same thing can happen the other way round.
  4. Look for simple solutions of SBCs to specialized pages, such as Futbin, but be aware that some players that are included in its solutions may heavily increase in price.
  5. Follow knowledgeable traders and influencers to get to know trends, to see if SBCs are worth it, and more. Some examples include Chuboi or FUTCRUNCH.

Complete SBCs

Another method that might sound stupid but isn’t. Most players just complete the SBCs that give top tier rewards or that include a special card of their favorite players; yet, they forget about other kinds of SBCs that are very much worth it. For example, each year EA releases similar SBCs near TOTY and TOTS release: 80+ player pick and 82+ players. These SBCs would not seem as great, comparing them with a +88 player SBC, but they are much more worth it.

Knowing which SBCs are up and which to complete is a key way to earn coins in FIFA 22

Knowing which SBCs are up and which to complete is a key way to earn coins in FIFA 22

In order to know which SBCs are better than others, you must take some things into account:

  1. Check out active events, as well as the ones that may come soon. This is very important, as you really don’t want to spend all of your fooders or coins right before a big event (like TOTS). If you do so, you will miss a lot of chances to get amazing cards.
  2. Don’t rush to complete all SBCs. Check to see which challenges are active and compare them, maybe some of them are a lot better than others. They might be cheaper but give similar rewards, they may give better rewards…
  3. Don’t underestimate permanent, “early game” SBCs. Some SBCs are available all year, but no one completes them more than once or twice. However, some of these are actually quite worth it (such as the gold upgrade SBC), either to improve your team or to get needed cards for other SBCs.
  4. Don’t try to complete just any SBCs. There are some SBCs that you may not have the capacity to do, but that’s fine. You don’t have to sell your whole team just to get to play some icon card. 

Complete all possible objectives

Objectives are, basically, the free season pass of FIFA. You get daily, weekly and monthly objectives that you can opt to complete or not, and if you do so, you get cool rewards. These can vary from a good, unique player card to a lot of good packs. They are a great way to improve your team and pocket without spending a single coin, but most players decide not to do them.  They take a lot of time to complete, but if FIFA glory is all you want, you will need to complete them. Moreover, you can complete most of them at the same time if the objectives requests’ are similar. That is if you have to score goals with Brazilians in Squad Battles and win with 11 Premier League players, you can play 11 PL players, but pick 2 Brazilian strikers from the league. 

You don’t even need to feel scared of multiplayer, as for online-related objectives, there is a non-spoken rule to leave the game if your rival scores first. This way, the one that scores gets the wins they need, and no one losses too much time.

Objectives are hard to complete, but give very good rewards

Objectives are hard to complete, but give very good rewards

Quick sell or list all of your useless cards 

If you want to know how to earn coins in FIFA 22, you don’t even need to check outside your club. A lot of players have hundreds of cards stacked in their clubs that they will never use. Imagine that a player has just 150 rare gold players and can sell them for 2,000 coins each; the player would get 300,000 coins for free. And even if the gamer can’t sell them in the market and ends up quick selling, a profit of almost 100,000 coins can be made (considering the average quick sell profit of rare golds is 650 coins). Consider this profit only accounts for rare gold players, whereas players can still sell common golds, silvers, bronze players, and other cards (of which players usually have a lot more).

All in all, your FUT success will depend on the strategies you employ and the amount of time you invest; but you can get the edge over other players if you employ these tips and tricks. Lastly, a tip to go: never buy premium gold packs, they are a waste of coins (unless you get Ronaldo on one).

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