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11 of the Best Wonderkids in FIFA 22 Career Mode

Struggling to think of young players to sign on career mode? Here are 11 of the best wonderkids in FIFA 22. EA's football franchise is back for another season and to provide more challenges for virtual managers. As always, securing a club's long-term future is crucial to achieve consistent success. This must-read guide will help to make this objective a bit easier.

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Being a career mode manager in FIFA comes with many challenges. Building a long-term future with a club is one of the most important. As players hit 30 years old and start decreasing in stats, they need to be replaced by younger talent who have the potential to be even better than their predecessors. Sometimes, though, these future stars can go under the radar until they’re worth £100m and near their maximum overall. Signing them while they’re still young and cheap can save you a lot of money. You can also provide your club with a secure future. To save you the trouble of endlessly scouting random players, check out this list showcasing 11 of the best wonderkids in FIFA 22 career mode.

1. Pedri (Barcelona, CM, 18 years old)

Spain’s star player of Euro 2020 has been rewarded for his great performances for both country and Barcelona. EA Sports have given Pedri an 81 overall rating, with an average potential rating of 91. While a short central midfielder at 5’8, his impressive pace and dribbling attributes mean that he’ll soon be gliding through opposition midfields. His 65 and 66 rated shooting and defending will also increase so that he can perform well at both pitch ends, complemented by high/high workrates.

Barcelona's brightest young talent

Barcelona’s brightest young talent

Unfortunately, Pedri’s short height affects his physical attributes. 65 jumping and 53 strength means that he is unlikely to ever be a forceful presence. A high valuation of £46.5m makes him the most expensive entry on this list. If you’re managing Everton or West Ham, this is a near impossible transfer.

2. Ansu Fati (Barcelona, LW, 18 years old)

Another Spain and Barcelona wonderkid, Ansu Fati is just returning from a 10 month long injury. This hasn’t had an impact on his in-game career though. The Catalans’ new #10 is 77 rated with a whopping 13+ potential of 90. His lower rating means he is more affordable than Pedri at £21m. Blistering pace and agility combined with 80 finishing make him a dangerous winger already. 4 star skill moves and weak foot also heighten his appeal.

The young winger is ready to make his mark again in real-life

The young winger is ready to make his mark again in real-life

Just like his midfield teammate, Fati struggles in the physical department. 49 strength is an area that may not see much improvement. Against strong full-backs, it could be a mis-match. 29 defending also means that he won’t do well when tracking back. It may be worth developing him into a striker who can get in behind defenders. He would certainly be one of the most deadly in the game in terms of stats.

3. Florian Wirtz (Bayer Leverkusen, CAM, 18 years old)

After Kai Havertz’s transfer to Chelsea last season, Florian Wirtz has quickly become Bayer Leverkusen’s new star boy. His bright emergence has not gone unnoticed by EA. He has a potential of 89 with a high starting rating of 78. Wirtz’s dribbling is where he really shines, but the German is also well versed in pace, shooting, passing and even tackling. He has all the tools to become a brilliant all-round attacking midfielder after a few seasons of growth.

Will you take another wonderkid away from Leverkusen?

Will you take another wonderkid away from Leverkusen?

At £25.5m, Wirtz does not come cheap but his promising future makes him worth splashing out all of your transfer budget. Continuing with the trend, his strength isn’t great but it’s not vital for someone of his position. His 50+ tackling attributes will grow, meaning he’ll still be able to win some midfield battles when necessary.

4. Jude Bellingham (Dortmund, CM, 18 years old)

England are bursting with young talent at the moment. All 11 entries in this guide could’ve easily been English players. Dortmund’s Jude Bellingham is being highlighted here though because of his incredible starting attributes. At 79 rated with 89 potential, he is already great at everything with his weakest categorical attribute being 69 shooting. He could grow to be 80+ in nearly everything and have the capability to play anywhere on the pitch.

A future powerful force in midfield

A future powerful force in midfield

Bellingham’s value of £31.5m is a lot and will price out most clubs, but the expectation of him becoming a complete midfielder means he is worth every penny. The only downside to him, attribute wise, is that he won’t become a player who excels at one specific ability. He won’t be your best passer, dribbler etc.; however he will do anything asked of him.

5. Gabriel Martinelli (Arsenal, LM, 20 years old)

The Brazilian forward has been on the scene for a couple of years now, scoring some important goals for Arsenal in various competitions. Some injuries have hampered his development but he still remains one of the best wonderkids in FIFA career mode. He starts at a 76 overall, progressing to 88. From the left side, Martinelli’s strong pace and dribbling attributes allow him to dance past defenders and cut in onto his right foot. Physically, he stands at a respectable 67, but his 5’10 height means he will become a difficult winger to snatch the ball away from.

Martinelli deserves to be saved from a relegation battle

Martinelli deserves to be saved from a relegation battle

There is room for improvement when it comes to Martinelli’s defensive duties. 44 defending will not fill his fullback teammate with confidence. This will hopefully increase over the seasons, but concentration will be key when defending with him is necessary. With Arsenal being in his DNA, that’s a tall task for sure.

6. Nuno Mendes (PSG, LWB, 19 years old)

The first defender on this list recently secured a loan move to PSG after impressing in Portugal. This loan does mean that the Portuguese is unavailable for transfer in season one, but he is a must-buy in season two. Nuno Mendes boasts a 78 rating with 88 potential and can play anywhere on the left side. He starts out with superb pace attributes and high defending for a wingback. 4 star weak foot means he could also play on the right side with no issue. After a few seasons, Mendes will be sprinting up and down the wings and putting in pinpoint crosses.

Be ready to hijack a potential permanent transfer from PSG

Be ready to hijack a potential permanent transfer from PSG

Attacking wise, Mendes possesses thunderous shot power but poor finishing at 45. This can be improved with the right development, but otherwise he certainly won’t be giving Marcos Alonso a run for his money. Managers of mid-table clubs have to hope that his value doesn’t skyrocket during his loan in France.

7. Jamal Musiala (Bayern Munich, CAM, 18 years old)

Jamal Musiala burst onto the scene last season, having an incredible breakout year for both club and country. At Bayern Munich, the German became their youngest ever goalscorer at just 17 years old. He is a very skillful player for his age, which is reflected in his attributes this year. Musiala is already one of the best dribblers in the game with a rating of 85 and 5 star skill moves. He’s not as impressive in other areas but improvements will happen. With an overall potential of 88 and a generous valuation of £15m, he’s well worth getting into your squad.

One of Germany's many exciting young attacking players

One of Germany’s many exciting young attacking players

Stamina and free kicks, two important skills for an attacking midfielder, let Musiala down a bit. The latter isn’t a deal-breaker, but you would certainly hope that his 58 stamina increases as he gets older. Otherwise, make sure that a good substitute is ready and waiting on the bench.

8. Noni Madueke (PSV, RM, 19 years old)

Over in the Dutch league, Englishman Noni Madueke has broken into the PSV first team and made an impact. 9 goals from 32 appearances have seen him gifted with a 77 overall with a potential of 88. The right midfielder is very similar to Martinelli on the left side of the pitch, as he also possesses high pace and dribbling attributes. His 6’0 height and 76 jumping helps him to stand out though. He’ll become the player that you’ll want to always attack the ball from corners.

Enjoy making defenders' lives miserable with Madueke's pace

Enjoy making defenders’ lives miserable with Madueke’s pace

While he continues the trend of young wingers lacking defensively, Madueke’s 64 strength means that he can still grow to be able to win battles against opposing players. Crossing is also an area to keep an eye on, as a rating of 65 needs to improve for a player of his position. He can play at striker, so at least that’s a ready-made alternative if needs be.

9. Maarten Vandevoordt (Genk, GK, 19 years old)

It’s all good having an array of talented attackers, midfielders and defenders, but it means nothing if you don’t have a reliable goalkeeper who can keep your team in matches. Genk’s Maarten Vandevoordt is the right man for this long-term job. The Belgian stands at 6’3 and already boasts strong attributes of 74 diving and 73 reflexes. He has a staggering +15 potential of 87 from 72 overall. The best part? He is worth just £4.2m. There are English League One clubs who could sign him!

The eventual successor to Thibaut Courtois

The eventual successor to Thibaut Courtois

If you’re hoping for a ball playing goalkeeper, Vandevoordt may not be the best option. His passing attributes are weak and don’t look like they’ll improve enough to take the youngster to the same level as Ederson. Otherwise, there are very few, if any, brighter prospects in-between the sticks.

10. Adam Hlozek (Sparta Praha, ST, 19 years old)

The Czech Republic striker has terrorised Czech league defences over the past couple of years. Last season, he registered 15 goals and 7 assists in just 19 games. This amazing record has awarded the teenager with a 76 overall rating and 87 potential. Adam Hlozek’s 6’2 frame and 82 strength make him a powerful presence up front. His pace, passing, dribbling and physical attributes are all 70+. These should easily reach the upper 80s and 90s, transforming him into the complete forward. He could even be developed into an attacking or wide midfielder.

Stuck in FIFA's 'Rest of World' club selection, Hlozek deserves to play in a league

Stuck in FIFA’s ‘Rest of World’ club selection, Hlozek deserves to play in a league

One downside to Hlozek is that penalties are his second weakest offensive attribute. In a dramatic penalty shootout, he may struggle a bit to keep his composure even as he progresses as a player. It’ll be down to you to keep his attempts as simple as possible. He shouldn’t be trying to replicate his countryman with a Panenka.

11. Goncalo Inacio (Sporting CP, CB, 20 years old)

Recently a league champion, Goncalo Inacio played a part in Sporting CP only conceding 20 goals and keeping 20 clean sheets last season. The Portuguese centre back is highly regarded by EA as a future star, being given a 76 overall with a potential of 86. He’s a quick defender with 79 pace which will only improve to eventually make him one of the fastest in a career mode. High long and short passing ratings means that he can be utilised as a ball playing defender, but he will still be a rock with 80 stand tackling and beyond.

Inacio's pace makes him very difficult for forwards to beat

Inacio’s pace makes him very difficult for forwards to beat

Inacio isn’t the tallest centre back at 6’1. Against world class strikers like Haaland and Lukaku, he could struggle to succeed in aerial battles. Even as he progresses, it’d be ideal to always ensure that he’s paired up with someone taller.

Which of these young talents are you planning to sign in your career mode save? Let us know in the comments below! Check out FUTWIZ to discover even more wonderkids in FIFA 22.

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