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7 of the Best Strikers and Wingers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Achieving success in FIFA is difficult without top quality forwards. Here are 7 of the best strikers and wingers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. The players on this list will help teams win many matches online with their high attributes. Physicality is important this year, but a deadly eye for goal is still as vital as ever.

7 of the Best Strikers and Wingers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

The latest season of Ultimate Team is well underway in FIFA 22. Fans around the world are in the midst of building their perfect squad, while figuring out what players are the best to use this year. Strikers and wingers are arguably the most important positions to fill in FIFA 22 since goals win matches. In past games, fast paced gameplay meant that quick forwards such as Timo Werner were very popular. One through ball and a goal was almost certain.

FIFA 22 has introduced more realistic gameplay that requires smart build up play and possession battling. Those through balls are now getting intercepted, with defenders being a lot more intelligent. Pace still matters, but slower yet physically strong attackers are able to make an impact. Someone who can shake off defenders, hold up the ball and win aerial battles will help greatly to lead teams to victory. There’s a variety of good options across multiple leagues. Some are cheap to buy, but others may have to go onto an expensive wishlist. Here are 7 of the best strikers and wingers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

1. Romelu Lukaku (Chelsea, ST, 13.5k)

Chelsea’s no. 9 is one of the most deadly strikers in this year’s game. Standing at 6’3 with 95 rated strength, Lukaku is very capable of bullying defenders to the point of irritating online players who come up against him. His overall shooting ranks at a scary 87. He can spin away from anyone daring to challenge him and get a powerful shot on target. Lukaku has the pace to outrun quick centre backs like Virgil Van Dijk too, although 60 agility means that a change of direction while sprinting is unwise.

A very difficult striker to bully off the ball

A very difficult striker to bully off the ball

Belgium’s star striker is currently priced at around 13.5k coins. It won’t take long to save up and add him to your club. His power and speed will make him a difference maker, allowing progression through Division Rivals to be a bit easier. Putting a pair of wingers besides Lukaku is ideal given his impressive 89 heading accuracy and height. He will ensure that crosses from the likes of Jack Grealish and Hakim Ziyech are finished off.


  1. 95 Strength
  2. 87 Shooting
  3. 89 Heading

2. Lautaro Martinez (Inter Milan, ST, 3.4k)

Lukaku’s former partner upfront at Inter Milan has everything that someone would ask for in a striker. Martinez may lack in the height department, but his 86 agility more than makes up for it. Combined with his 84 strength and 83 sprint speed, he avoid tackles with ease and seamlessly change direction while running towards goal. 85 rated dribbling attributes mean that Martinez will dance around players. He can play with his back to goal, but don’t be afraid to call him in deep and send him on a sprint.

Pace and power

Pace and power

Serie A is not a league blessed with high quality strikers and wingers. Martinez, though, is one of the best of the bunch. At just 3.4k, he’d be worth placing into any squad even as a bench option. He’s the kind of striker who can be substituted on and change the game against tired opposition. Make sure the Argentinian is in the box when taking corners too, as 88 jumping and 87 heading means that he can be an absolute nuisance for defenders.


  1. 84 Strength
  2. 83 Sprint Speed
  3. 88 Jumping
  4. 87 Heading

3. Harry Kane (Tottenham, ST, 23k)

Tottenham’s wantaway talisman may be struggling for form at the moment, but he is always a force to be reckoned with on FIFA. Harry Kane is most known for his clinical finishing. 94 finishing and an overall shooting attribute of 91 says it all. Unfortunately for the England captain, his lack of pace has swayed some players away from using him in the past. Now, though, 83 rated physicality is a big reason why he should be in your squad. He is very difficult to shrug off the ball, displaying strength similar to his wrestling namesake. Kane has the ability to get away from defenders and strike the ball with force into the back of the net.

A great example of a complete forward

A great example of a complete forward

One area that makes Kane stand out on this list is his 83 passing. Last season, he finished top of the Premier League assist charts. This has been reflected with attributes like 87 vision and 86 long passing. Not only will he score goals, he will also successfully play the ball through for players around him as a target man. Make him the focal point of your team’s play style and the whole squad will benefit from it. 23k looks like a bargain price.


  1. 94 Finishing
  2. 91 Shooting
  3. 83 Physicality
  4. 83 Passing
  5. 87 Vision
  6. 86 Long Passing

4. Lucas Ocampos (Sevilla, LW, 950)

The Sevilla winger is the lowest rated player on this list, but he’s included because of his impressive physical abilities for his position. A lot of wingers on FIFA tend to lack in strength so they get shoved off the ball easily. That is not the case for Ocampos. Standing at 6’2 and boasting 81 strength, full backs will struggle to stop him from running with the ball. He’s able to cut inside and use his 86 finishing and 84 shot power to unleash thunderous shots from distance.

One of Ultimate Team's hidden gems

One of Ultimate Team’s hidden gems

Perhaps due to his physical stature, Ocampos doesn’t possess the pace of a Marcus Rashford. 81 pace is still respectable though to beat some defenders in a race. His strength and 91 stamina more than makes up for this anyway. For just 950 coins, the Argentinian left-winger is a must-have for any La Liga starter team. He could even be partnered up with his countryman Lautaro Martinez. That would really create a nightmare for opponents.


  1. 81 Strength
  2. 86 Finishing
  3. 84 Shot Power
  4. 91 Stamina

5. Erling Haaland (Borussia Dortmund, ST, 12.75k)

Norway’s young forward has put the footballing world on notice. He plans to dominate the game for the next 10+ years. In this year’s Ultimate Team, he dominates the virtual pitch with his outstanding attributes. 89 pace, 91 shooting and 88 physicality. Opponents don’t stop Haaland, they just try to limit the damage. He is the perfect player to launch the ball up to, shake off defenders, sprint away from them and fire a picture-perfect strike into a top corner.

Make Thomas Tuchel's dream come true and play Haaland and Lukaku up front

Make Thomas Tuchel’s dream come true and play Haaland and Lukaku up front

The only downside to Haaland is that, despite being 6’4, he is not good in the air. 74 jumping and 69 heading accuracy means that crossing the ball into him regularly is not recommended. It’s best to just pass him the ball and then get him into good spaces for a shot that, very likely, will hit the back of the net. The Dortmund star will not fit everyone’s play style, but those who he is right for will have a great time.


  1. 89 Pace
  2. 91 Shooting
  3. 88 Physicality

6. Eric Cantona (Icons, CF, 1.9m)

Manchester United’s legendary attacker is affordable by very few players at 1.9m coins, but he will guarantee goals no matter where he plays. He is superb in every area with the majority of his attributes rated at 83 or over. Shrugging Cantona off the ball will be a near impossible challenge for defenders. 94 aggression shows that he’s not afraid of pushing them away to protect possession. He’s listed as a CF, but his position could be changed to a winger and his skills would not be affected at all.

Getting Cantona in a pack would be incredible luck

Getting Cantona in a pack would be incredible luck

Cantona’s only possible weakness is that he’s not the quickest of Icon forwards. It’s silly to even say that considering he boasts 85 pace and 83 agility, but against superstar squads it’s something to watch out for. 5 star skills would likely get him out of situations where he gets caught up by a centre back anyway. He’s easily one of the best players on the game and well worth his valuation.


  1. A majority of attributes 83 or over
  2. 94 Aggression

7. Didier Drogba (Icons, ST, 811k)

The Ivorian powerhouse is a more achievable Icon target than Cantona, with a difference of 1 million coins. Drogba’s stats are not as well-rounded but his 90 shooting and 88 physicality make him one of the deadliest strikers on Ultimate Team. Whether he’s on the end of a through ball or cross, the Chelsea legend will score goals. The number of defenders who could be able to thwart his efforts can be named on one hand. 85 pace just creates another problem for opposition players.

Every Arsenal fan's nightmare

Every Arsenal fan’s nightmare

92 strength is one of Drogba’s best attributes, but unfortunately his real-life reputation for going to ground easily has been reflected in the game. With 66 balance, there will be times where he doesn’t feel like staying on his feet when challenged. It could present some frustrating moments for players. Should he win a free kick though, then his 84 rated FK accuracy could have you being thankful for Drogba’s lack of balance.


  1. 90 Shooting
  2. 88 Physicality
  3. 85 Pace
  4. 92 Strength
  5. 84 FK Accuracy

What other players are the best strikers and wingers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team? Let me know in the comments below!

Player prices correct on PlayStation at time of writing.

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