5 Reasons to Play Disco Elysium The Final Cut When it Releases on March 30th

These 5 reasons should be enough to make you want to play Disco Elysium's Final Cut when it finally releases on PS5 this March. The irreverent RPG is finally coming to console on March the 30th with added content and this is the perfect time to play it.

Over a year on from its original release on PC, Disco Elysium is coming to PS5 and this time with added content. The Final Cut, as the developers are calling it, will be much closer to ZA/UM’s original vision for their unique and thought-provoking RPG. 

From its unique skill system to its enthralling characters, the game became an instant classic when it released on PC. So now with added content, it’s the perfect time to try this weird and wonderful RPG. With that in mind, here are five reasons you should play, or replay, Disco Elysium when The Final Cut releases on March the 30th.

Disco Elysium: Final Cut Trailer | Game Awards 2020

1. Fully voiced characters

The biggest new feature added by developer ZA/UM is the inclusion of a fully voiced script. The original release featured some voice acting, but much of the players’ time was spent reading. This is no easy feat as the game features over a million words of written dialogue for the player to discover. This is as many as every Harry Potter book combined.

The inclusion of a fully voiced cast will undoubtedly add further depth to characters and this already stunningly crafted world. Indeed, some of the original game’s most powerful moments were its fully voiced sections. In these moments, the player’s own skills would discuss the events unfolding around you. Now, these moments will be more front and centre for the player to enjoy.

Disco Elysium has over a million words of dialogue

Disco Elysium has over a million words of dialogue

2. Political Vision Quests

Disco Elysium is rare in that it allows players to pick a political alignment. However, in the original game this was mostly an aesthetic choice, but now, it can effect gameplay. ZA/UM have added new sections named ‘political vision quests’ that appear as a result of your detective’s political choices. The game’s lead artist says these quests will offer ‘culmination and catharsis‘ and will affect the game’s ending in some way.

Whether your detective is an outspoken communist or a Revacholian nationalist, these new vision quests will add a gameplay layer to what was mostly an aesthetic feature of the original game. More quests are always a good thing when they are as well written as those found in this game, and just like the added voice acting these will serve to expand the world ZA/UM spent years crafting. 


3. A Bigger Revachol 

The world of Revachol is a beautifully crafted one. The fictional city the game takes place in is a melting pot of different cultures and ideas. This can be seen from the architecture to the accents of its denizens. Presented in a unique watercolour style, Revachol feels like a real place with a real history. In The Final Cut, ZA/UM have expanded this unique city. The developers have added a small number of new areas for the player to explore. On top of this, more interactions have been implemented, making the map feel more tangible than ever before. 

Disco Elysium the final cut launches March the 30th

Disco Elysium the final cut launches March the 30th

From the run-down ‘Whirling in Rags’—the bar that the player wakes up in after his lifelong bender—to the cold and atmospheric coast, Revachol is one of the most well-crafted worlds gaming has seen in years. To explore this strange and intrigue-filled world again will be well worth it. Especially with these added locations and details.

4. The Detective and Kim

The game’s lead, the drunken, often nameless detective, is one of the most malleable, funny and intriguing characters in recent gaming history. Thus, having a chance to experience his strange journey for the first time, or for the 100th, in The Final Cut is a reason in itself to check out this tabletop style game. Like many RPG leads, you can choose the things he says and what he is good at.

However, unique to this game is the ‘Thought cabinet’. This unique feature allows the player to access thoughts, which affect how the detective thinks, what he can say, and how others react to him. For example, maybe you’ll be a communist cop who thinks the apocalypse is on its way.

The skills in Disco Elysium have a mind of their own

The skills in Disco Elysium have a mind of their own

Like all the best protagonists, ZA/UM’s detective changes as the game goes on. He begins the game as an amnesiac drunk and can end it as any person you choose him to be. Even if that person is still an amnesiac drunk. He is partnered with Kim Kitsuragi, a by-the-books detective who acts as an, often hilarious, foil to the protagonist’s weirdness. In turn, The Final Cut allows us to see more of the eccentric police officer and that alone is worth the price of admission.

5. PS5’s Best RPG?

It’s no secret that new consoles struggle to have an extensive library of games. Even with backwards compatibility, my PS5 often feels as if it’s still a PS4. Disco Elysium’s Final Cut, though, is made for the new console, with improved frame rates and added animations to take advantage of the system. The sheer quality of the original game means the updated version will become one of the console’s best RPGs right out of the box. 

So, as the console struggles for content, this would be a perfect time to try this cult classic. It is a must-play for anyone who has a connection to the genre. From its unique skill system to its great writing and choice to forgo combat, it will be one of the most unique experiences you can have on your new console.

The Final Cut will offer new solutions to the same problems in the original game

The Final Cut will offer new solutions to the same problems in the original game


Without a doubt, now is the time to try Disco Elysium. Through the updates made in The Final Cut, Revachol will become a more immersive and tangible place to explore. On top of that, the added content makes the game worth replaying for anyone who enjoyed it, or even bounced off of it in the past. 

Will you be playing the game when it releases on the 30th of March? Let me know in the comments what you think of this irreverent RPG.

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut - Official Release Date Trailer

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