Disco Elysium Finally Gets Rated, To Release in Australia

After floating in the market for years and no release in Australia, Disco Elysium finally sees launch after the game gets its needed classification rating. But it has been an active process that involves its developer, ZA/UM, fighting to get the game reviewed. Meanwhile, the quirky RPG title will see distribution as strictly intended for certain audiences.

Disco Elysium Finally Gets Rated, To Release in Australia cover

Following a banning that sees it without a classification rating, Disco Elysium is finally releasing in Australia after a reversal decision by the Classification Review Board.

Despite being a few years already in the market, the rather eccentric RPG has seen without official release in the land down under. Like most games that won’t sell in Australia, the title has issues involving contents that go against established guidelines. In the case of ZA/UM’s acclaimed title, it involves a strong reference to and depiction of drugs as part of gameplay.

Without a rating to classify it from its peers, Disco Elysium is effectively under prohibition. And last March’s decision to ultimately give the game a refused classification only sealed the deal for it. But it has since been contended against by the game’s developer, leading to a closer look into the game.  

That final nail in the coffin has since been overturned, however, when the classification board did manage to review. Subsequently leading to insight into how the game disincentivizes players by using such an illicit substance for personal effects in-game. More specifically, in how negative circumstances would arise down the road as players abuse it throughout their game.

But due to its overarching theme, coarse language, and reference to alcohol and drugs, Disco Elysium gets an R18+ rating in Australia. This meant that the game is strictly meant for adult audiences or those in the ages beyond 18.

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