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BROK the InvestiGator Review An Unforgettable Punch-and-Click (Xbox Series S)

BROK the InvestiGator Review: An Unforgettable “Punch-and-Click” (Xbox Series S)

When brain meets brawn, fight past hoards of enemies and find clues to uncover the truth that hides under the lies of a dystopian society. Punch or solve your way through obstacles and experience a wonderfully handcrafted mystery adventure ...

9 Amazing
Cuddly Forest Friends Review: For the Little Critters

Cuddly Forest Friends Review: For the Little Critters (Switch)

Cuddly Forest Friends is a cute and cuddly pet simulator, made with the simple goal in mind, happiness! However, that joy might be more for the younger ones this time. From their squeaks to their tiny paws, get ready to care and play with n...

6.8 Fair

Overwatch 2 Removes Map Pool System in Season 4

Aaron Keller announces the removal of map pool rotations for Overwatch 2 season 4. Other map changes are also mentioned, but won't be seen until further in the future. Changes such as problematic map spawn design and map frequency are all b...

Risk of Rain 2 Review: A Single Player Drizzle, a Multiplayer Monsoon (Xbox Series X)

For a game that was nominated for "Better with Friends" back in 2020, how does the single player experience hold up for this review? Grab your umbrella because the forecast calls for fast-paced combat, electrifying ukeleles, and a light dri...

8.5 Great