Author: Melika Jeddi

Hi! I'm Melika, a 27 year old psychology graduate based in England. I've been a huge fan of videogames all my life, and feel passionately about several different franchises. My favourite genres are rpgs, platformers, and indies. Outside of gaming, I love a good Netflix binge, and I also do crochet! Writing is another of my passions, and I hope to publish my first full-length novel in the near future. I also write content for Screen Hype.

DariusBurst Another Chronicle EX+ Review PS4 Cover

DariusBurst Another Chronicle EX+ Review: An Arcade Adventure (PS4)

DariusBurst Another Chronicle EX+ is your basic arcade space game, but with some really cool boss designs. Whilst the difficulty feels exclusionary to more casual gamers, fans of the genre are likely to really enjoy this game, although it m...

7.2 Good
ENDER LILIES Quietus of the Knights Review Stunningly Beautiful (XBX) Cover

ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights Review: Stunningly Beautiful (XBX)

ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights is a visually gorgeous game with mesmerising gameplay. You'll be enthralled as you traverse this vast metroidvania, and discover a compelling story as you progress. With exciting and unique mechanics, an...

8.8 Great
REKT! High Octane Stunts Review Second to Neon (XB1) Cover

REKT! High Octane Stunts Review: Second to Neon (XB1)

REKT! High Octane Stunts is a simplistic but enjoyable driving experience that offers up a nostalgic homage to retro games gone by. The fun neon colours and upbeat sounds immerse you in the gameplay, and you'll find yourself really invested...

7.8 Good
Buildings Have Feelings Too! Review - A Shaky Foundation (Xbox One) Cover

Buildings Have Feelings Too! Review: A Shaky Foundation (XB1)

Buildings Have Feelings Too! is a kooky new management sim game that stars buildings as the protagonists. But what is it like to play? This review traverses the intricacies of the mechanics and movement, and gets to the bottom of whether or...

6.8 Fair
Ruinverse Review: Not Entirely Ruinous (PS4) Cover

Ruinverse Review: Not Entirely Ruinous (PS4)

Ruinverse is a 2D RPG with turn-based combat, and a strong story throughout. Learn more about the magical world the characters reside in, and progress through several unique chapters. Whilst the story is strong, the gameplay falls a bit sho...

7.7 Good
Magic Twins Review - An Adorable Addition to the Puzzle Genre Switch

Magic Twins Review: An Adorable Addition to the Puzzle Genre (Switch)

Magic Twins is an adorable arcade puzzle game available on PC and Switch. Play by yourself or with a friend as you attempt to save the world from Colormageddon! Check out this review, and see for yourself whether it’s your kind of game. Mag...

7.6 Good
5 Classic Games That Deserve a Remake Cover

5 Classic Games That Deserve a Remake

Check out these 5 classic games that deserve a remake! There are always going to be those games that fill us with nostalgia, but why should they stay in the past? This list looks back at some of the best games from a bygone era... There hav...

5 Great Indie Games You’ve Probably Never Played

Discover your next favourite game! This list of 5 incredible indie titles is sure to pique the interest of any keen gamer, so check out these awesome games and see what you think. Maybe you'll decide to give one or two of them a playthrough...