Author: Josh Jackson

I'm just a guy who loves fighting games, rhythm games and all things Nintendo. Between studying physical therapy and history, you'll find me glued to a controller or in front of a wrestling ring. But above all, I love talking about gaming!

NEO The World Ends with You Review Psyched Out Switch Cover

NEO The World Ends with You Review: Psyched Out (Switch)

After 14 long years, The World Ends with You gets its long awaited sequel. Finding a balance between adapting the gameplay to a single screen while carving its own niche was a tall task. Nevertheless, NEO mostly succeeds by creating a satis...

6.5 Fair
Neptunia ReVerse Review Stuck in the Past Cover

Neptunia ReVerse Review: Stuck in the Past

Hyperdimension Neptunia is celebrating its 10th anniversary! The CPU's make their PS5 debuts in Neptunia ReVerse, a remake of the 2014 Vita remake. With new hardware and functionality, this is the series' chance to make a big impression hea...

6 Fair

Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Volume 1 Review: Forgotten History

The Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Volume 1 for Nintendo Switch brings a forgotten handheld to the forefront. Featuring 10 games that defined SNK's unique platform, this collection serves as a glimpse into gaming history. Six fighting games...

6.5 Fair
Neptunia Virtual Stars Gets Exclusive Steam Bundles and Discounts at Launch Cover

Neptunia Virtual Stars Steam Release Offers Bundles and Discounts at Launch

The Neptunia Virtual Stars release on Steam has a variety of bundles! To celebrate, Idea Factory International is offering a series of discounts on the game within its first week. Ranging from physical limited editions to a host of download...

Yashiro is the Latest Fighter Coming to The King of Fighters 15 Cover

Yashiro Is the Latest Fighter Coming to The King of Fighters XV

Yashiro is revealed in the latest King of Fighters 15 trailer. Having not appeared officially since KOF 97, the brawler shows that time hasn't brought down the powerhouse. However, his reveal has major implications going forward. As one of ...

Samurai Showdown Review A Cut Above Xbox Series X Cover

Samurai Shodown Review: A Cut Above (Xbox Series X)

Samurai Shodown slices its way into next-gen, bringing its unique take on defensive-based combat to the Xbox Series X. Promising up to 120 FPS and visual improvements over its 2019 release, this in-depth review goes into what works and what...

7.7 Good

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster Arises on May 25

Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster releases on May 25! With its return right around the corner, Atlus has revealed details on its various versions, a surprise PC release, DLC packs and how to befriend hell's army of demons four days early. ...

Terry Bogard Returns in King of Fighters 15

Terry Bogard Returns in The King of Fighters 15

Terry Bogard takes the stage in the latest trailer for The King of Fighters 15. See him in action as the leader of the Fatal Fury team shows off some new moves to go with his greatest hits. Are you okay!? You will be after watching him figh...

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: 10 Beginners Tips to Master Pyra and Mythra

Pyra and Mythra are here! Master the basics of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's latest pair of fighters and dominate the battlefield with Xenoblade 2's Aegis. Will you go with speed or power? Learn their strengths and weaknesses and learn which...