Author: Hasan Mansoor

I’m a writer of many niches, gaming being one of them. I also thoroughly enjoy understanding global issues to be able to see how and why decisions are made on a global scale. History, tech, and personal life experiences are just some of the categories I don't shy away from writing about. My work can be seen at

Shred! 2 - ft Sam Pilgrim stunt

Shred! 2 – ft Sam Pilgrim Review: A Mobile Game on a Console? (XB1)

Shred! 2 is a mountain bike Trials-inspired game that lets you pull off crazy stunts at the expense of a young adult's bruised body. But is it any good? It also came out on mobile about 2 years ago. Has the console version improved on it? F...

4 Poor
metal gear solid analysis bosses

Metal Gear Solid 3 Analysis: The 5 Phases of Dealing With Hidden Trauma

Playing Metal Gear Solid 3 after 8 years taught me how to deal with trauma, just like Naked Snake does throughout the game. It's hidden well and would take a great deal of life experiences to see. Games can sometimes teach us a variety of l...

curing isolation with Forza 4

Curing Isolation With Forza Horizon 4

Dying to get out? You need to give Forza Horizon 4 a try. With an extremely detailed world with rotating seasons and tons of cars to drive around with, let me explain how I use gaming to deal with isolation. It's simply one of the best onli...

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