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Mixer to Shut Down on July 22, Microsoft Partnering with Facebook Gaming

Mixer is to cease all operations in a month, with Facebook Gaming absorbing any partnered streamers who wish to switch to their platform. According to Xbox head Phil Spencer, this is just the first move in a longer partnership between the t...

Deliver Us The Moon Review: a Story out of this World (XB1)

Deliver Us The Moon Review: A Story out of This World (XB1)

Deliver Us The Moon, the latest game from KeokeN Interactive and Wired Productions, promises a thrilling, atmospheric story... in space! Read on to find out whether Deliver Us The Moon achieved liftoff, or fell just short of breaking atmosp...

8.9 Great
Google Stadia Pro Free for 2 Months

Google Stadia Free for 2 Months

In a tweet posted earlier today, Google announced that the Pro version of their Stadia game streaming service will be going free-to-use for 2 months. Keep reading to find out if you can take advantage of this enticing offer, and how to get ...

Cooking Mama Cookstar Removed from eShop

Cooking Mama Cookstar Removed from eShop over Legal Battle

The new entry in the Cooking Mama franchise was removed last week. Since then, rumors have abounded as to why. The game's developers recently cleared up a few theories and have explained the true story of Cooking Mama Cookstar. Cooking Mama...

The Complex features many different endings to its story.

The Complex Guide: All 9 Endings Explained

The Complex has numerous endings. Our guide will show you how each ending can be achieved. A single choice can change the outcome of the entire story, leaving you wondering how things could have gone differently. Don't wonder anymore. The C...

The Complex Review: Complex Definitions (XB1)

The Complex Review: Story First (XB1)

The latest interactive film produced by Wales Interactive features both a chilling story and impressive acting talent. But does it innovate within the bounds of its genre, offering sufficient value for potential players? This is The Complex...

8 Great
April 2020 Games with Gold Revealed!

April Games with Gold Revealed!

Major Nelson has revealed Xbox’s Games with Gold lineup for April 2020. Available to all Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, read all about this new wave of titles, and how long they'll be available to download for free. In a...

Daemon from Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge: Daemon Character Guide

Daemon is the leader of Bleeding Edge's titular gang. This guide will teach you how to use Daemon's unique skill set to its fullest and secure victory for your team. His quick fighting style and ability set make him a worthy foe, so all the...

Bleeding Edge Character Guide: Daemon

Bleeding Edge Review: Character for Days (XB1)

With memorable characters and fast-paced combat, Ninja Theory's new game Bleeding Edge is a promising new entry in its genre. The only question is: will it hold up against the fierce competition, or fall short of the mark set by others? In ...

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