Author: Jamal Hartley

A novelist with a passion for gaming and storytelling. Jamal enjoys turn based RPGs to platformers to character action games. For characters and story.

Keengamer Atl Comic Con Cover

Atlanta Comic Convention 2023 Overview

An on the ground view of Atlanta Comic Con 2023, which took place February 24th to the 26th. For those who may be curious or may not even be aware that Atlanta now officially has its own comic con. Though it may not be as big as other conve...

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Overwatch 2’s Bot Escort Mission Could Use Some Work

Overwatch 2 introduces the latest game mode, Push into their catalogue of ranked matches. While not a great showstopper of a game mode, it is an interesting game mode that is pushing a different type of gameplay and possibly subject to chan...

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Digimon Con 2023 Recap

Digimon Con has come and gone. Here is a quick overview of things that occurred during the premiere broadcast of the event. For those looking for a quick recap may be able to rewatch the event for those unable to attend in person. Digimon ...

Digimon Survive Review

Digimon Survive Review: A Trip Into a Grand Adventure (PS4)

A Grand Adventure, Digimon Survive is a visual novel with tactical role-playing elements developed by Hyde and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment as a great entry into the series of Digimon games, also reminding fans why the series is ...

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Bayonetta 3 Narrative: The Devil is in the Details (Cover)

Bayonetta 3 Narrative: The Devil is in the Details

These are only a few of the problems a fan of the Bayonetta series may have had with Bayonetta 3. While not always told well, the narrative for Bayonetta 3 left very conflicted feelings this time around. Especially with how the narrative is...