Author: David Kemp

David enjoys playing an RPG or adventure series - Final Fantasy & Uncharted have been his favourites. Has a soft spot for AA/Indie titles. Plans to  review whatever he finishes & give his opinion on whatever comes to mind. Also enjoys tv and films, reading crime/historical fiction & listening to music, from heavy metal to film/video game soundtracks.

Prodeus review: fast, frantic and damn good fun. cover.

Prodeus Review: Fast, Frantic and Damn Good Fun (PS4)

Prodeus is a fantastic game with a sharp visual style, fluid first person boomer shooter gameplay, an enjoyable campaign with a glorious soundtrack and naturally – blood. Lots of blood. Those who love Doom & Quake need to stop reading a...

9.5 Amazing
Euyiden Chronicle: Rising review: likable but an absolute slog. cover.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Review: Likable but an Absolute Slog (PS4)

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising may have fantastic graphics, an excellent soundtrack & likable characters but this will only get you so far. The excellent presentation doesn't mask the game's structural problems, as while it has plenty of hea...

6 Fair
The Pathless is the spiritual successor to Shadow of the Colossus

The Pathless is the spiritual successor to Shadow of The Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is a stone cold classic for a variety of reasons and many have tried to emulate its' success. The Pathless may be considered as yet another homage, but it does stand out for itself as an excellent game and well worth ...